A detailed view of the Assisted Service Model

Client Organisation

  • Enter assignment description & selection parameters
    • Confirm interest, Request for proposals, Pay proposal fee online
    • Interview and Brief consultants
    • Discuss commercial terms
    • Finalise & accept proposal. Pay 10% of assignment value less proposal support fee
  • Engage consultant
  • Pay Consultant Assignment Fees as per agreeement
  • Provide feedback on consultant


  • Clarify requirement on call Shortlist BestFit providers Send Profiles
    • List assignment on Open Project Dashboard
    • Arrange Interview Telecon or Skype Call
    • Hand-hold process
    • Provide past client feedback, comparative advice to client
    • Provide mutually acceptable standard Terms and Conditions
  • Administer feedback survey Collect feedback

Expert consultants

    • Interview and Brief client Conduct Scoping Diagnostic (1-2 mandays)
    • Develop and submit proposal
  • Discuss commercial terms
  • Deliver assignment
  • Provide feedback on client