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It has been an eventful and momentous year on the economic front in India. While rocked by the successive shock waves of economic policy and reforms, we believe the Indian economy has ended up in a stronger place compared to one year ago. Some key events of the year:
Demonetisation; GST; Bank Recapitalisation; Ease of Business Index; Moodys’ Ratings

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IndusGuru’s journey in 2017-18 has also mirrored the economy. While we faced challenges during the year, we are now on a sounder footing with a strong, more feature rich and responsive online platform. We have made significant progress towards our mission of transforming the way organisations source business expertise and provide experts access to unique project opportunities to apply their skills.
We engaged with 300+ clients during the year, and sourced 140 projects for our consultant network
 Our consultant network has grown in depth and range. With 500+ registered consultants, with an average of 17+ years of professional experience, we are growing into one of India’s strongest professional expert networks
 Our client retention is at 50%, as measured by the number of our Year 1 clients, who have come back to us for their requirements in Year 2
 We have launched a new ‘Expert Recruitment Service’, aimed to service specialist, mid to senior level hiring needs.
A few examples:
A Leading Express Logistics Company:
National Pick-up & Delivery Head
Operations Productivity Improvement

A leading Global Chemical MNC
Head of Market Development, Personal Care Solutions
Account Manager, Pharma Solutions South India

Some Interesting Assignments which were bagged by our consultants
– Identifying a senior business leader, as a Board Member for an emerging home furnishings company
The clients vision was to scale up globally from the current financial year to mature growth countries like US/UK, Canada and Australia. They were looking for an Independent Director who could guide and assist them in their business transformation and growth globally. IndusGuru shared 3 profiles with the client; after several evaluation meetings the client selected one of our senior empaneled experts who has 30+years of industry leadership experience.

– Conducting a Product and Brand Management workshop for the APAC sales leadership team of a global chemicals MNC
The APAC region roll out of the Brand-Oriented Solution Selling workshop has been a huge success across multiple countries. The workshop was first conducted in India, then in Shanghai and now planned in Jakarta – all by the same IndusGuru marketing expert.

– Identifying a Government sector business development lead for a leading Industrial products manufacturer
The client wanted an independent expert to represent their PR and Marketing operations and help in Government laisoning. IndusGuru shared 3 profiles and a senior independent expert with 31+ years experience working with public sector and government departments, was selected for the assignment.

– Academy building for an international construction equipment manufacturing company in UAE
The Academy would need Creation of curricula, Creating or curating content, Industry/ NSDL certifications, Facilitators to set up in India and then be rolled out to the other regions. IndusGuru shared 4 expert profiles and a boutique HR consulting firm has been chosen for final stage discussions to deliver the scope.

The Year At A Glance

Industry Recognition
– IndusGuru has been recognized as one of The 50 most Prominent Consulting Companies this year by Insights Success, a leading Business Magazine in the world. To read the full write-up visit
– Company was also featured in the ‘Start-up Journal’, a platform for Indian startup stories, news, resources, entrepreneur interviews and promotes the Indian startup eco-system. Read the featured article on

A warm Thank You to some of our Expert Consultants and Clients who engaged actively with us year!   

We would love to hear from you, as our partners in growth, how we could enhance our services and innovate our platform to serve you better. Please reach out to us @

The IndusGuru Team