IndusGuru – 3rd Anniversary!

As India draws towards the cross-roads again in an election-year, we at IndusGuru came to the end of another ‘event-ful’ year – in more ways than one! And time to reflect on promises made and promises kept, and then to make some resolutions for the future.

IndusGuru – Gurukul’s launch event – “Thriving in the Gig Economy”. We took our first steps this year to becoming a community, from an expert network. In keeping with our promise of being a peer to peer learning platform for our Independent experts, we launched our Gurukul Event series – aimed at bringing our experts together to share experiences, learn from each other and Industry stalwarts and generate new opportunities through these conversations
Gurukul’s first event in Mumbai, was attended by ~ 100 independent professionals, including many who are already part of our Network.

The event featured, R. Gopalakrishnan as the key note speaker on the theme of “Leadership & Learning – lessons for professional renewal”. For those of you who missed the session – here is a link to RG’s address on youtube .
We also had an enriching panel discussion, featuring Mr. Pramod Gothi, Mr. Milind Sarwate, Ms. Priyanka Gulati and Mr. Anant Bhagwati.
Buoyed by the positive feedback we have received; we aim to conduct more such events to bring together our client and expert consultant community.
So, watch this space!

As we look ahead, we have a simple aspiration. It is to double the impact we make for our Experts and to our Clients – year on year – without compromising on the quality of our Curation process.

The Year At A Glance

Some Interesting Assignments bagged by our Experts
The range of assignments bagged by us for our experts tells an interesting story of Indian entrepreneurship

Supporting the growth of SMEs and Start-ups

  • A leading manufacturer of Food processing machines exporting to over 30 countries, engaged with us for 3 projects –

o Advisory to setup a Shrink Films factory
o A growth strategy for their BtoB business
o Enhancing working capital and profitability

  • An entrepreneur wanted to enter the Automobile re-engineering market. Our expert helped him devise an incremental strategy minimizing the risks and maximizing gains. Phase I successfully rolled out.
  • A Start-up in the hospitality industry, engaged with an IndusGuru expert, to prepare a business plan to set up a chain of café’s
  • A luxury brand retailer diversified into tech-enabled supermarket. An IndusGuru expert conducted market survey and competitor benchmarking, and provided a project report for setting up the supermarket.
  • A leading fashion designer engaged an IndusGuru HR expert to provide hands-on advice and guidance on end-to-end HR solutions for his growing team
  • An Hyderabad based manufacturer of Water-treatment technology solutions wanted to expand its market. An IndusGuru expert, devised a marketing and sales strategy to capture new clients and territories.

Industry and Client Recognition
 Recognition by the WEP (Women Entrepreneurship Platform) organized by the Niti Aayog among the top 200 out of more than 2300 nominations considered for WTI Awards 2018
 “IndusGuru did a great job of accurately understanding my requirements. They are transparent, efficient, professional and highly responsive. Most importantly, they helped me connect with an excellent consultant with a huge amount of relevant industry knowledge.”
An Entrepreneur In The Automobile Re-Engineering Industry [Assisted Client]
 “IndusGuru’s services of identifying and linking the right set of experienced consultants and advisory professionals serve a very important missing link to companies like ours in the SME sector. Professionals, provided by IndusGuru, with a rich background and experience, help overcome the various challenges that are common to growing and emerging companies.”
A Leading Manufacturer Of Food Processing Machines [Assisted Client]
 “Team has been prompt and professional always and to top that they pick up the requirement well. I wish them great success in their future endeavours.”
A Digital Services Provider [Self-Service Client]

Partnering with large corporates
IndusGuru partnered with an emerging Technology player, to deliver a Training program, to a large IT Services company
 A media giant diversifying into the FMCG sector engaged an IndusGuru FMCG and Retail expert to devise a go-to-market strategy
 A large international logistics company, reached out to us to identify and bring on board a Finance Controller, to manage their Accounting function for a period of 6 months.
 An international conglomerate in commodity trading and manufacturing engaged an IndusGuru expert to create SOPs for all its business processes

A peek into Gurukul’s launch event – Thriving In The Event:

L to R: (1) R Gopalakrishnan delivering the keynote speech (2) The panelists with IndusGuru team – Tripti Singh, Anant Bhagwati, Milind Sarwate, Shanu Malkani, Pramod Gothi, Priyanka Gulati (3) Sangeetha Shankar with Shanu Malkani; Vinu Vishwanathan

A warm Thank You to some of the Clients who engaged actively with us this year!

We would love to hear from you, as our partners in growth, how we could enhance our services and innovate our platform to serve you better. Please reach out to us @

The IndusGuru Team