Do you REALLY Need a Digital Marketing Executive for your Brand?

By Ronak Shah (A Freelance Consultant @ IndusGuru)

No longer is business a brick-and-mortar affair; it’s going online at an accelerated pace. In the future, physical stores would go redundant. In such a scenario, the question is how to take a business online and nurture it to help it grow faster?

A software developer can help you take your business online. However, when it comes to multiplying your revenue channels, it is the task of a digital marketing executive.

A digital marketing executive is a multi-talented resource. He can look into your website’s extant performance, chart out ways to offer your business the traction it deserves, and provide you with an edge over your competitors in this digital race.


What are the Areas that a Digital Marketing Executive Operates?
Below are the functional areas of a digital marketing executive:

#1 SEO:

If your business is not doing well in the search engine results, you are probably losing out on sales to your competitors. Your consumers are looking for information that is out there on the Internet and so, forget that they will even take a look on the second page of the search engine results.
However, a digital marketing executive can help you with the keyword search, keyword proximity, and the density, which will optimise the content for the target users.

#2 Content Strategising:

Writing a piece of content is no longer a child’s play. You need to put the content in a way that it resonates well with your consumers and improves your sales probabilities.

On the backend, there are backlinks from the guest blogs and other credible websites that increase the value of your content and drives the consumer further into the sales funnel. In order to communicate the exact brand message, a digital marketing executive devises content strategies that are abreast with the search engine norms.

#3 Campaign Management

Increase engagement rate, unique onboard visitors to the website, or simply brand awareness—whatever may be your objective, a digital marketing executive can help you plan and execute a campaign.

Besides this, he can analyse the performance of the campaign in tandem with the success rate, which can make it easy for you to comprehend the campaign’s outcome and gains.

#4 Social Media Marketing

In this socially-connected era, consumers live on social media platforms more than they dwell in the real world. In such cases, it becomes easy for you to connect with your consumers, know their needs, and cater to their exact requisites.

Copywriting, boosting a post, increasing followers—these digital marketing executives are well-versed in all the social media marketing undertakings.


Get Your Business a Digital Marketing Executive NOW
Now that you know why you need to hire a digital marketing executive, you shall begin your ‘hunt’ for one. However, numerous posts on Linkedin and other recruitment websites might leave you overwhelmed. You might hire a digital marketing executive only to see him leave
in a couple of months for a different opportunity.

We, at IndusGuru, suggest you outsource your digital marketing services. Let us help you find a digital marketing executive that complements your business’s needs and help you take your business to the pole position.

Have a query? Let’s collaborate.

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