Decoding the Myths Associated with Outsourcing HR Services

By Ronak Shah (A Freelance Consultant @ IndusGuru)

Outsourcing has been in the rage, in recent times. Freelancers are being hired by even top companies to get the quality of service with little administration. Outsourcing is gradually turning into a phenomenon, taking over the trend of in-house management. With only team leads in the contact, it becomes easy for the administration to foresee where the company is leading.

Among the others, in recent times, outsourcing HR services has gained momentum. According to a report published by PrismHR*, numerous small and mid-sized businesses are gradually scrambling towards the trend of outsourcing HR services to optimise their business operation. On the contrary, there is a cohort of businessmen, who is not ready to give up on their in-house human resource processing, as they fear that the communication gap will widen by the day, making it more complicated for the administration.

Below are some of the other myths that prevent SMBs from outsourcing their HR services:

#1 Multiple Streams of Communication May Complicate the Process

In a small business, a typical scenario is that the top leaders or the board members are managing the tasks of human resources. They are involved in recruitment, cold calling, managing, accounts, processing salaries, and organising events. In such a scenario, they feel that outsourcing HR services may take their hassles away but further engender multiple communication media. In case of any issue or discussion, digital media may fall short of the advantage that face-to-face communication offers.
However, if the SMBs look at the brighter side of the digital mode of communication, they can have the recordings of the conversation, which can serve as a note for both the parties.

#2 Employee-HR Gap May Prevail Due to Offshore HR Services

A number of businesses are coming up with open-door policies to make their employees feel important. Due to such a policy, employees have this convenience to walk up to the HR and present the issues they are facing at the workplace. As opposed to an offshore HR, SMBs think that communication with an in-house HR becomes easy.
Despite being at a remote location, an HR can manage to keep in touch with the employees by conducting frequent surveys and offering them the option to provide suggestions. This way, the privacy of the employees is ensured.

#3 Abandonment Without Prior Information

Outsourcing is, after all an independent service. Many SMBs see it as a risky business, as the HRs may quit at any instance of time, without any prior notice. In such a scenario, their business might be at the suffering end until the duration they can manage another HR.
However, it is advisable to outsource HR services from reputed companies to eliminate the risk of abandonment. For instance, IndusGuru is one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in India that offers experienced HRs, who can help you shift your focus from the administration to business growth.

Key Takeaway

The role of an HR is not only limited to recruiting, engaging, and salary processing; it is too broad in nature. As a company grows, processes start to become stringent and complex. In such a case, it is advisable to outsource HR services for consultation, recruitment, time tracking, performance management, account handling, and more.
In a nutshell, to build a scalable business model, you need to let your HR hold the harness of administration.

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