Why do startups need Growth Mentoring to succeed?

Why do startups need Growth Mentoring to succeed?

Any start-up can have a better chance to succeed when it has the right support. Many businesses die because they don’t have the right support in place or they fail to take advantage of the support they need. The challenge for small businesses is that much of the support they need comes from services to help with initial business planning, Idea generation, Solution feasibility, funding, and many more.

What is Growth Mentoring and why should startups seek it?
You can’t go to a bookstore and buy a book called “Starting Your Startup: What You Should Do Next.” You have to get this information from experts!
Growth Mentoring is the process by which, a mentor helps a startup founder to work through the problems he or she encounters in their business and guide them towards a growth path. Mentors understand the problems that startup founders face because they have gone through them and overcome them. Or maybe they are in the same industry as you and they want to help you out.

That’s the idea behind Growth Mentoring.

Why are startups more prone to failure?
Today, most startups are set up by young, passionate technocrats with an idea, and a strong background in Technology combined with ambition and drive. They however often lack broader business experience across Commercial functions, Sales, Finance, Organisation building, and HR, Legal.
You also need to have a good understanding of your target market and how you will utilize technology to solve their problems.
Startups face unique challenges that aren’t faced by established businesses. These challenges can cause startups to fail.

Several questions become the nightmares for founders:
• How to find traction for the products/services?
• What’s the best way to get more customers for your startup?
• How do you find investors for your startup?
• How do you pitch to potential investors?
• Which business model will work?

A startup needs two things: a product people want and a business model that works. It’s that simple. If you can nail both of those things, you have a chance at succeeding. Most startups fail because they don’t find product-market fit early on, or they can’t find a business model that will allow them to scale as the company grows.

Matching Ambition with Experience

IndusGuru is a curated platform of 1000+ senior independent professionals, with a combined total corporate experience of 20,000 man-years.
We provide growth mentoring to Start-up founders across a range of business expertise that is essential for growth and scale-up including :
• Strategy – Industry-specific insights
• Sales and Marketing – Understanding of target markets and consumers
• Finance & Legal – Access and management of capital, risk management, and governance
• HR – Organisation building, role clarity, talent acquisition
• Operations – formalization/improvement of business processes to enable scale-up
• Technology – Strategic advice and support on Digital Marketing, Cloud & Cybersecurity

IndusGuru can provide the talent as and when required for the time required. No overheads and complete short-term flexibility.

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