How to move from lip service to real action in the diversity and inclusion space?

If you could only do One Thing for promoting a diverse and inclusive culture in your organization, what would that be?

  1. Integrate Diversity Agenda into everything that you do
    I was interviewing an ex-colleague during my research and he shared how his present company starts every project with conversation around whether we can include a minority group or a woman returning to work after a break. Every project has to include them.
  2. Challenge Bias
    Some years ago, I helped introduce an unconscious bias module as part of the interviewing skills training program. One thing that everyone attending agreed on was that yes, unconscious bias is everywhere -like in tech companies there is a tendency to hire women for supporting applications and systems. And this way you miss including some really innovative talent in building new apps. The unconscious bias training in the very least helps us recognize such tendencies.
    So if you’re hiring, it’s time to revive such training.
  3. Build Supportive Structures
    It’s increasingly seen as a trend to set targets for leadership roles to be filled up by x-percent of women. But consider what supportive structures, policies or practices are you setting in place to support women or other marginalized groups.

For example, how can you involve male colleagues to become their allies? It can help spark some real positive commitment and actions from powerful men in supporting gender equality and helping minorities come into mainstream.

  1. Simple Practices
    Sometimes simple practices may magically work! From personal experience I can share that when we got leaders (particularly women leaders) to share their personal journey, it inspired women in our audience. They personally came and shared with me that the session has reassured them that they’re not alone in their struggle. Another commented that she feels that she’s got new inspiration to circumvent her challenges… Others before her have faced them and conquered them- so can she!

So, with D&I strategy becoming mission critical post #covid19crisis , it’s time to develop more intentional strategy, more transformational agenda. What do you think?

By Jyoti Bansal (A HR Consultant with IndusGuru Network Partners)

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