All about IL&FS crisis!

By Disha Dembla, Freelance Consultant @ IndusGuru Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS) is an Indian infrastructure development and finance company which can finance any infrastructure project in India. It was formed in 1987 as an RBI registered Core Investment Company. Currently, its institutional shareholders include Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), ORIX and Abu […]

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Pitch Perfect- NITI Aayog’s Pitch to Move

By Pilli Chaudhuri Recognition is one of the most influential factors in motivation. Recognition leads to increased effort and in turn, better performance. NITI Aayog’s Pitch to Move is Government of India’s push to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurs in the sector of transportation. The aim of this competition is to provide opportunity to young entrepreneurs […]

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The Platform Wars – A Trilogy in 5 Parts

The Platform economy is all around us, and reflected in the growing dominance of Digital businesses in all spheres of economic activity. In it’s simplest description a Platform business is one which efficiently connects consumers and buyers with sellers of products and services. Nothing new you would say, and a principle that is at the […]

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The Falling Rupee

By Disha Dembla It is hard to miss the buzz and speculations about the fall of the Indian rupee and its consequences, but what does the fall actually mean? This article tries to decode this economic issue, understand the reasons for it, and the impact that the current situation of the Indian rupee in relation with […]

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IKEA in India

By Disha Dembla So, what’s the whole buzz about? Just another furniture shop entering the Indian market, I feel it’s definitely more than the best collection of Swedish furniture. A 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art concept that wanted to mark its presence in India and was struggling for almost 28 years bounded by the retail foreign […]

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A New look @ Jobs for New India

Security or Flexibility Job Creation is acknowledged to be one of India’s foremost challenges. Even while we are the fastest growing large economy, the spectre of “jobless growth” haunts all discussions and positive sentiment about India’s GDP trajectory and economic future A lot of focus of the job creation debate is around the formal, industrial […]

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By Jill Mehta THE INTRODUCTION The Non-performing Asset (NPA) problem in Indian Banks has been surging since a few years and no efforts, until Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code’s (IBC) launch, have helped to lessen the burden of NPAs on banks’ balance sheets. In February this year, the Reserve Bank Of India scrapped all the mechanisms […]

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Auditing the Auditors

By Pilli Chaudhari “Good auditors are the bedrock of fair and transparent financial markets”– New York Times. The talks of auditing shortcomings is not a recent phenomenon. Over the last few years, several auditing firms have been hit by scandals, and caught in legal crossfire. Following the aftermath of many scandals, the parliament suggested the […]

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