The Competitive Strategic Market

By Disha Dembla Is consistency the driver of success and guarantor of customer retention? Perhaps, not anymore. Gone are the days when consistency helped companies lead a market. Today, in the world of stiff competition, companies need more than just consistency to sustain, and ironically, “Modification” has become the new mantra for success– that is, […]

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Reskilling – Investing in Citizen Services

It has become clichéd to speak of India as a land of contradictions.  Modernity and tradition vie with each other in all spheres of life, in a nation that now the fastest growing large economy in the world, with the youngest demographic. One of the strange contradictions is the huge pool of human capital available […]

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Stairway to Patanjali

By Pilli Chaudhuri No one could have imagined in 2006 that a small scale Ayurvedic store, driven by a celebrity Yoga preacher, would take the FMCG sector by storm within a decade with a stupendous growth rate of 130% and revenue of Rs 10,561 cr (The Economic Times). Patanjali Ayurved Limited (PAL) is the third […]

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Corporatisation of Indian Bureaucracy

By Jill Mehta The department of personnel and training has invited applications from Indians with expertise in various sectors such as revenue, financial services, economic affairs, agriculture, infrastructure and commerce at Joint Secretary (JS)-level post for a tenure of 3 years which can be extended up to 5 years based on performance. This is not […]

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IndusGuru: Expertise Network is now 2!

It has been an eventful and momentous year on the economic front in India. While rocked by the successive shock waves of economic policy and reforms, we believe the Indian economy has ended up in a stronger place compared to one year ago. Some key events of the year: Demonetisation; GST; Bank Recapitalisation; Ease of […]

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Impact of Banking Scams on Indian Economy

Financial or Banking scams have never been a rare phenomenon in economy of any country. However, India has witnessed a plethora of these unwanted aliens over the past 3-4 decades. From the prominent ones of Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh, Satyam, Subroto Roy and Spectrum Scam to the most recent ones of Nirav Modi, Vikram Kothari […]

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Budget 2018 : Key Focus Areas

The government’s ‘fifth and last full Budget’ amidst the upcoming elections in 8 states this year was tough to be pulled through due to various populist demands and constant expectation pressure of higher economic growth for the nation. It seems that the government has a strong focus on creating structural reforms to bring in a […]

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IndusGuru’s Expert Partner Hiring Mode

Proven Expertise, New Horizons, Reinventing Critical Role Recruitment How often have you faced the situation of having to “show” the candidate a promising future career path, which exists only on paper today? How often have you wished that you can bring in the best point expertise for your business critical roles, on medium to long […]

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