Sparking Conversations & Alliances

People ask why executives leave their cushy jobs and become, well, independent consultants. We are not going to address that here. We are instead going to let YOU engage with the best minds in the industry who took the road less travelled and found success. We’re talking about independent consultants who resigned from senior positions or dropped their handsome pay packages to reclaim authority on their lives – and, wait for it – their finances.

It is not WHY consulting, but HOW consulting. It is not WHY should you enter the famously trending #GigEconomy but HOW should you maximize your gains and exploit the potential offered by the #GigEconomy. And our consultants have conquered the HOWs.

IndusGuru Gurukul is a natural extension of IndusGuru Network Partner’s mission of connecting par excellence industry experts and consultants with the right-fit clients and assignments – only, this time, we are extending the platform for the consultants to stir the melting-pot of conversations, insights and knowledge-sharing, and ignite new ideas and alliances.

"People working together in a
strong community with a shared goal and
a common purpose can make
the impossible possible."

Tom Vilsack

We are transforming the Network to a Community. A community that engages, believes and drives change, through livewire conversations, expert panel discussions and real-time networking.

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