Financial Planning is a scientific tool which encourages you to distinguish and organize your future
needs and dreams, measure them into monetary terms and deal with your assets in such a way in
order to satisfy every one of your objectives in view of your risk profile.

Financial planning gives a guide to satisfy financial objectives and goals, by recognizing risks and
managing assets and by contemplating distinctive parts of one’s financial assets and liabilities.
Financial planners help how resources ought to be managed in order to accomplish the financial
goals. Financial planning is not a one time work out; rather it is a continuous procedure. As a person
walks through various periods of life, he has diverse duties and commitments to satisfy. For instance,
post marriage he has to meet the expenditures of his wards, meet the kids’ education and in this
manner their marriage costs. He likewise needs to want to purchase a home, and in particular to
meet post retirement expenses without compromising his lifestyle.

Indus Guru financial consultancy services helps you to make your own financial plan by taking your
present financial details and future foreseen goals, keeping in mind the anticipated returns and
inflation rates. Indus Guru as a main Financial Planner in India likewise surveys your financial plan
consistently as we live in a dynamic world where our objectives, assets and conditions continue
changing after some time.

We are one of the main Finance Consulting Companies situated in Mumbai, India offering services to
bolster you with the specialized, business, economic, legal, and financial feasibility of your proposed
project. Our expertise in financial analysis will help you to go up against intensely the complex areas
of Finance, Banking, Taxation, and general Company law matters. In this, we assume an urgent part
from the earliest starting point of a venture, and screen and control improvement, comprehensive of
evaluation, authorize and till disbursement of the credit facilities.

We have professionals having top to bottom information of the continuous patterns of the market.
They offer cost –effective solutions upon comprehending the financial necessities of the customers.
Our specialists keep their emphasis in place on the development, acquisitions and recapitalization,
by raising capital. We have a solid hold on equity (both open and private) as well as debt capital. Our
tremendous learning and strict adherence to customers’ satisfaction have brought about a selective
association with banks.

Our Financial Consultancy process includes:

  • Debt Syndication

We help corporate houses to raise funds for project, working capital needs and Acquisitions of new

  • Financial Turnaround/Debt Restructuring Advisory

We assist in balance sheet restructuring, corporate finance transactions, strategic alternatives and
merger and acquisitions

  • Private Equity/Mergers and Acquisition

We help our customers in raising funds from Private Equity Investors for existing and additionally
new projects

  • Asset Financing

We enable you to raise loans or borrow money utilizing balance sheet assets, investments, hybrid finance or bridge loans

  • Entry Strategies For Foreign Investors

We help foreign companies to begin operation in India through a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Joint
Venture, Liaison Office, Project office or a Branch Office.

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