We give CTO level (Chief-Technology-Officer Level) Technology Consulting services, in addition to a  great degree bother free and practical “turnkey” software development encounter.

The Indus Guru IT service dedicatedly oversees and monitors innovation on a turn-key and bother free premise, along these lines enabling customers to concentrate totally on the business and not the product! Through our Technology consultant engagement, customers spare 30% on outsourcing costs and around half on programming development courses of events, Plus they show signs of improvement code, much sooner which is additionally enhanced for their business prerequisites.

As technology consultants, we give point by point and customized Business to IT change (techno-business system) on your item. We make powerful, versatile programming design for your application. We then consistently oversee, guide and lead the whole software lifecycle to guarantee conveyance of front line programming on time.

Our worldwide business specialists customize DSS answers for customers in an extensive variety of ventures, from oil refining to transportation, producing, mining, utilities, constructions, aviation, hospitality and past. Our customers pick up from our regularly extending aptitude, and in addition from our own particular rich history of science-driven development, critical thinking achievement, and solid brands.

Indusguru Technology consultants offers customized solutions over various zones of perfection: working environment security, representative preparing programs, natural administration, vitality proficiency, handle innovation authorizing, resource profitability, and capital adequacy. We not just enable customers to create techniques in these regions, however help actualize these systems and oversee change to advance outcomes.

 IndusGuru STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES as Technology Consultants

To settle on better business choices, challenge your suspicions. Transform data into knowledge with our most recent cloud, huge information and prescient analytics solutions.

  • Business Process Services

Reconsider how you maintain your business with the assistance of our industry-smart consultants. We enhance execution, improve efficiency and drive development activities.

  • Organizational Change Management

Fruitful authoritative change is a best administration command. Our Change Management practise works with officials on vital and transformational challenges.


  • Client Relationship Management

Building a solid association with your clients is as essential to us as it is to you. Take advantage of master answers for associate with your clients.


  • Digital Transformation

Discerning empowers organization to make connecting with and reliable digital encounters over each touch point, giving new chances to development.


  • Production network Optimization

We can enable you re- wire your supply network to enhance worldwide business, transportation, conveyance, distribution, joint effort and forecasting performance.


  • Business and IT Strategy

Our specialists make business procedures that empower worldwide companies to characterize new business and target working models to amplify esteem and oversee complex changes all through their associations.


  • Undertaking Architecture Services

Keeping up business readiness isn’t simple when technology and business necessities continue evolving. Our way to deal with Enterprise Architecture guarantees that businesses will remain current with rising innovation stages and have the capacity to tackle new open doors.


  • Empowering Infrastructure

IT desires are higher than at any other time. Our consultants can enable you to assemble and deal with an IT framework that equivalent to the requests of a changing business condition.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

We give vital due ingenuity, business and IT target-state definition, execution planning, governance support and change management.


  • Program Management

We enable driving companies to drive business change by giving industry-driving project management consulting services.


  • Quality Engineering and Assurance

On the off chance that you don’t have the assets for testing, abandon it to us. Our top class QA group and thorough testing forms give the affirmation your company merits.

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