Understanding Role Of Business Consultant And Why You Need To Hire One

While many presume that they can handle their business themselves and do not need the services of a business consultant or advisor, it is recommended to invest in one owing to various benefits offered by such a service. These benefits include not only getting expert knowledge on facts, but also getting an unbiased opinion from a third-party who has no relation with your company. Such a knowledge can be highly useful while acquiring another business or to mend some internal issues in your organization. Also, such a professional can help train your existent employees and also enable you to introduce any new technique in the working of your business such as Agile Project Management or any such new working if there is no other employee in the firm that is trained in it.

How are the Business Consultants of IndusGuru different from other agencies?

Amongst the other business consultants in India, the consultants of IndusGuru possess the following qualities which make them different from others:

1.Qualified professionals

The professionals at IndusGuru are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in their specific genre to ensure quality service. They can help you overcome any prolonged business struggle, discover and introduce you to business opportunities around them, and help you achieve your current as well as future business potentials.

2. Customized service

Our professionals duly study your business and area of dealing to suggest you with the best possible solutions and guidance.

3. Experience

Since our consultants have ample experience with other MNCs as well, they can provide you with the knowledge that has been successfully employed to other organizations as well. You can thus refer to their past experience as well and be sure of tried and tested methods and advices.

4. Hire on contract

Instead of employing a full-time business consultant, you can instead hire our professional on a contractual basis for the specific aim you wish to achieve. This poses as quite an economic and convenient option for smaller businesses.

Why Should Your Company Need A Business Consultant?

A business consultant works with you on multiple fronts ranging from strategy, planning and problem solving. A business consultant helps in developing the business skills and knowledge that are lacking or deficient in your team. These skill range from designing a business model or creating a marketing plan or determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.

IndusGuru Approach On Business Consultants

IndusGuru has large number of Business Consultants on its panel. Each of these Business Consultants is an expert in his / her area of specialization. So there are business consultants for finance, strategy, marketing, human resource, digital and infotech. These consultants have worked with fortune 500 companies in the past and are now working on projects on free lance basis. We will match your requirements with the skill set of these consultants and will provide you with a list of best fit consultants. These experienced & qualified consultants who are now available on contract basis, are well placed to complete your project in required time.

Business consulting is a high growth professional services segment in India, dominated by a few global management consulting firms, the Big 4 Accounting services firms and a handful of IT services organisations who also have business consulting arms. There are also a large number of small and medium sized niche firms – both global and Indian who operate in specific segments of the Business consulting market such as HR, Marketing, Strategy and Business planning and so on.
The fastest growing though in the business consulting market is the trend towards the growth of independent or freelance business consultants – typically very experienced business professionals who have worked with blue chip firms or the larger consulting firms, and then for various reasons choose to work independently to advise companies on a freelance basis.

Empaneled Experts

IndusGuru has the following empaneled experts

  • Freelance Business Experts India
  • Business Consultants India
  • HR Consultants India
  • Human Resource Consultants India
  • Financial Consultants India
  • Strategy Consultants India
  • Marketing Consultants India
  • Operations Consultants India
  • IT Consultants India
  • Infotech Consultants India
  • Digital Consulting India
  • Technology Consultants India
  • Startup Consultants India
  • Independent Consultants India
  • Freelance Consultants India
  • GST Consultants India

Our Domains Of Expertise

Strategy & Finance
  • Business Plan Creation
  • New Market Entry
  • Growth Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation
Marketing & Operations
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • BPR / Cost Reduction
  • Procurement & Manufacturing
  • Capital Projects / Market Research
  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • Sales Training / Customer Service
HR & Organisation
  • Organisation Design
  • Culture Change
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance management
  • Behavioural Training
  • Leadership Development
  • eLearning
  • Start-Up Mentoring
IT & Digital
  • ERP – SAP/Oracle
  • Web Development
  • IT Security / Governance
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics
  • Mobile Applications
  • Device Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Digital Strategy Creation


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