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In the course of the most recent couple of years, the HR scene in India has seen an advancement with more organizations paying special mind to sorted out staffing and workforce arrangements. Having seen the advancing patterns of the business, Indus Guru provides experts in this area with an experience of advising firms in recruitment, management, and retention of their employees.

An HR Consultant addresses various tasks and decisions related to human resource management of a business or organization. They perform two types of roles broadly- as a process or people consultant, and as an expert resource consultant. These functions are vital for any organization that wants to ensure that their activities are performed smoothly and under an expert guidance. While the technical aspects of a firm are taken care of by professionals, efficient management of the human resource of the company is also vital in order for the organization to grow successfully. Different employees come with different expectations from a company and expect a more connected and networked experience. This increases the need for a professional who can cater to these needs of employees and create a favorable working environment for them. Through this, an organization ensures that the pool of human resource talent stays within the firm and does not go elsewhere.

Role of an HR Consultant in an Organization

An HR consultant performs a multitude of functions in an organization. These duties include:

An HR Consultant measures and advises an organization about the number of employees that they would need for the efficient working of their business. They thus help a firm avoid losses through inadequate or extra employees respectively.

  • An HR Consultant also helps in the recruitment process of a firm by hiring the right person for the specific job. They do so by getting the right understanding of the job and knowing the kind of person that the client is looking for.
  • They also design and manage compensation programs of the firm for the employees such as salary, stock plans, bonuses, and so on.
  • They provide training to employees to help them in their performance.
  • They design employee benefit programs by duly assessing the plan’s cost and effectiveness.

 HR Consultants Provided By IndusGuru

The arena of HR Consulting in India is marked by different firms and professionals that provide their Consulting services. One such reputable company is IndusGuru which provides experts in this area with an experience of advising firms in recruitment, management, and retention of their employees.

Meet HR Consultants at Indusguru

Seasoned HR Consultant and Practitioner having 25+ years of experience

Our Senior HR consultant has unique cobmination of business consultancy and Line HR management experience accorss various industry sectors.

Seasoned HR and Finance consultant with 32+ years of experienc ein consumer goods industry

He brings deep experience in Finance, HR, Strategic planning, business development, and product supply across various sectors.

HR & Organisation

  • Organisation Design
  • Culture Change
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance management
  • Behavioural Training
  • Leadership Development
  • eLearning
  • Start-Up Mentoring

We deliver simple, practical and proven strategies to ensure you have the very best people management support and advice as you grow your business.


Our HR consultancy process includes:

1. Functional And Effective Recruitment

Our HR consultant will help your business enrollment by:

  • making or inspecting sets of responsibilities for all business positions
  • planning and putting work notices
  • directing competitor CV and phone screening
  • assisting in interview sessions
  • giving expert advice on finalising a job package for the shortlisted candidates

2. Complete Performance Management

Our HR consutlant will help set up a successful execution administration framework by:

  • making or surveying the employee performance appraisals process to guarantee it is centered around accomplishing business objectives
  • building up KPI’s that concentration representatives including least benchmarks for at work execution
  • Analysing existing incentives, non-financial perks and acknowledgment plans

3. Custom fitted Training Solutions

Our HR consutlant primary objectives for your business includes:

  • upgrading staff performance
  • developing staff skills
  • holding important employees
  • enhancing staff/initiative adequacy.
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Why Should Your Company Need A HR Consultants?

An HR Consultant helps organisations with specialized advise relating to people management tasks and decisions. As modern organisations grow larger and more complex, and as the new generation of people that are entering organisations – the millennials – have very different expectations from the workplace – the HR challenges of any organization are getting more complex – and the skills needed to solve them – more unique and varied. In fact, the millennial generation of today, expect an “employee experience” that is connected, digital and networked, much like their experience outside the workplace. Organisations have to adapt rapidly to this, else they loose the war for talent.
The HR consulting field in India is has a range of different types of players – including specialist HR consulting firms, HR consulting arms of the Strategy and Big4 consulting firms, and a large variety of niche firms started by HR professionals who have spent a career as HR leaders in large and reputed organisations. HR consultants are typically engaged to get specialist advise around how to structure the organization, how to help an organization manage change, how to attract, retain and develop the best talent, how to measure performance of their employees, how to structure compensation and incentive systems and so on. In short, they are responsible for advising organisations in recruitment, development and retention of employees in the organisation.

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