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Try Out These Launchpad Programs Brought In By None Other Than Google

On 26th July, 2017 Google announced a new six month program called Developers Launchpad Studio. This is the third in the series of the Launchpad programs which Google has planned to start in order to support budding entrepreneurs. Apart from this new launch, it had Launchpad Accelerator and Launchpad Space under the umbrella of “Google Launchpad” created for supporting the startup entrepreneurial ecosystem. Around 26 Indian startups have so far joined the accelerator program from India. Roy Glasberg, the global lead at Google Developers Launchpad says, “Whether you are a three person team or an established post seriesB startup trying to apply AI and machine learning to the product offering, Google is interested in talking to you”. Google firmly believes to partner with organizations that had the potential to build community – Google Launchpad For Start Ups

The inception of these programs was a result of a flood of applications which Google had received from various parts of the world. As stated by Roy Glasberg, the global lead of Google “Launchpad has positioned itself as the Google global program for startups. It is the most scaleable tool Google has today to reach, empower, train and support startups globally.” Let us look at some highlights of these three Launchpad programs:

Launchpad Accelerator
The Launchpad Accelerator Program helps founders of startups having disruptive ideas to build in next generation app companies. This program assists startups by mentoring them at respective stages of growth for developing successful apps by startups. There are three stages of this Program:

▪ Launchpad Start This is aimed at early stage startups where the startups are mentored on areas like design, marketing and user experience. It’s a five days program and mentoring is taken up directly by the Google’s network of mentors.

▪ Launchpad Build This is built for mid-level startups with the aim to support startups for validating technology stack. It’s a two days program.

▪ Launchpad Scale This is targeted for growth stage startups. Mentors cater to design challenges of the fully developed product and support them to figure out a solution.

Indian firms like ShareChat, Swiggy, FreshMenu, UrbanClap and HealthifyMe have already been a part of this program. The new shortlisted recent ones are RecipeBook, EdGE Networks, SigTuple, FastFilmz, RailYatri and IndiaLends making the count to 26 Indian startups joining this Program.

Launchpad Space
Google created the second program known as the LaunchPad Space. The sole objective of the space program is to provide a new physical space for developers and startups where they can engage with Google experts in a one-onone as well as in groups to talk about technology topics. This space is located in San Francisco and opens daily. It consists of programs on Tech talk to design prints with many community events dedicated for developers. There’s a codelab to guide and provide hands on coding experience. Mentoring sessions are arranged to help in problem-solving for building apps to integrating machine learning with product assistance.

Developers Launchpad Studio
The lasts one in the series is the “Developers Launchpad Studio”. The objective of this program is to support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning startups around the world. On one hand, startups will get access to AI experts, VCs, and competent technical talent pool. And on the other side, Google will get an early view at how AI can be applied to new industries. This program offers the following services to start-ups:

▪ Applied AI integration toolkit
▪ Product validation support
▪ Access to AI experts
▪ Access to AI practitioners and investors Apart from San Francisco, New York City & Tel Aviv. Google will eventually host events for AI founders in Toronto, London, Singapore and Bengaluru.

The length of Google Developers Launchpad Studio Program is still being worked out and will be announced soon. All AI and Machine Learning startups are welcome to apply for the program. Six to eight AI startup companies will qualify for the first class of this program in October. Deadline for submitting the application under this new program has been scheduled till 31st August, 2017.
Disclaimer – We have no connection with Google to promote this program. This is published because we genuinely feel that this will benefit our consultants.