IndusGuru’s Expert Partner Hiring Mode

Proven Expertise, New Horizons, Reinventing Critical Role Recruitment

How often have you faced the situation of having to “show” the candidate a promising future career path, which exists only on paper today?

How often have you wished that you can bring in the best point expertise for your business critical roles, on medium to long term contracts – without worrying about long term employment liabilities?

How often have you wanted to experiment by creating a new role, and evaluate its business impact – before committing to a full time employment?

As the war for talent intensifies, recruiters are faced with polarizing choices to fulfil their needs for business expertise.

Seasoned professionals who are in high demand, and come at a high cost and role expectations
Younger executives, who lack the experience and maturity, but are more flexible and faster learners.

Senior executives who are looking for the next higher designation or career break
Millennials who are looking for role diversity, and get tired easily of doing the same thing for long.

Traditional search firms, target traditional talent pools and cannot typically fulfill these requirements. It’s time to look at a new way to source the best expert talent for fulfilling the most critical roles in your organization!

Enter IndusGuru Expert Partner Hiring Model – our carefully curated network pool of business experts, with deep expertise in specific industries and functional domains, covering 3 specific high-capability demographics:
o     Senior respected retired professionals, who have made their mark as industry leaders and would best like to apply their expertise in long term advisory roles, or Board positions.
o     Successful mid-career Business experts – who have taken a mid-career break, to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions– and would like to come back to an interesting new career opportunity.
o     Women leaders desiring flexible work models – who have taken a career break due to family reasons, and would like to best apply their rich skills, experience and capabilities, back in a business context.

Each of these expert segments, offer a high value, optimum cost solution to your critical role requirements on a full time contract or employment basis.

Some examples where we are working with clients:
o     Recruiting a Marketing Lead, to build FMCG-oriented brand management skills, for a Chemical company
o     Engaging a Compensation and Benefits expert, on long term contract for a HR Consulting firm
o     Engaging a COO, with deep Operations and commercial expertise in the Logistics sector

The Future of Work is not what it used to be! It’s time you innovate on decades old recruitment approaches. Reach out to us and discuss your requirements with our Expert Partner Hiring model,