8-Step Decision-Making Process for Making the Most Quality Decisions

Isn’t it tragic that so many rely on their intuition for their decision-making process? Gut reactions are seen as something almost magical, acquired either by hard-earned experience or possessed by a select few genius young CEOs who deserve a top-notch pay package. Top gurus reinforce such mystical beliefs with their advice. Yet research in behavioral […]

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Top 8 Reasons To Hire independent Consultants for Your Business!

When it comes to running your business, you have a lot of things on your plate. You may be tempted to hire an in-house employee to save yourself time and money. However, independent consultants can offer distinct benefits over full-time employees. The question is: what are those benefits? Let’s take a closer look at the […]

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Why do startups need Growth Mentoring to succeed?

Any start-up can have a better chance to succeed when it has the right support. Many businesses die because they don’t have the right support in place or they fail to take advantage of the support they need. The challenge for small businesses is that much of the support they need comes from services to […]

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Going Digital – The New Normal

We have been hearing a lot of debate around who is responsible for driving the Digital Transformation and several roles were names such as CEO, CIO, Chief Digital Officer, etc. But in the last year, the businesses and industry have turned upside down on the head due to the pandemic. While “Going Digital” has been […]

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Data Driven Company – Challenges

Being “data-driven” has been a commonly professed objective for many firms over the past decade or so. Whether their larger goal is to achieve digital transformation, “compete on analytics,” or become “AI-first,” embracing and successfully managing data in all its forms is an essential prerequisite. However, it is seen that progress towards the data-oriented goals […]

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Manufacturing Industry at Crossroads

For the fear of sounding repetitive, I shall not go into the horrific statistics of how Covid has wrecked havoc across the world. The precious lives and jobs have been lost, economy is deflated and the business confidence has taken it on its chin. I shall come to some details of the sector (Manufacturing / […]

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Post Covid – Data Challenges

COVID-19 has radically altered most aspects of our social worlds and the way we do business. One of the largest impacts to organizations has gone on mostly unseen to the outside world. Companies have been quickly altering the way they manage the keys to their data kingdoms to maximize their data’s value to survive and […]

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What do Great Managers Do Differently
in 2021

When the global Pandemic hit in 2020, we immediately had to change everything about the work environment. Everyone had their hopes up for 2021, for the world to go back to normal. Unfortunately, the situation remains the same, and organizations are now dealing with an even more acute humanitarian crisis. A recent IndusGuru survey with […]

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