Being a freelancer, why should I be active on social media?

Use of Social Media for promotion and positioning in any form of business is no more an option but a necessity. In this high paced world of super connected people with everyone wanting everything in just a click, you can never undermine the power of branding though social media. You may be the best creative […]

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Talent Management In The Age Of Cognification

How to drive the change of digitalization with regard to skills and talent Cognification is a process of making any object smarter by connecting and integrating sensors, software and artificial intelligence (AI) around it. The whole concept of cognification is much talked about in relation to Virtual Reality (VR) and AI in today’s world. Such […]

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Are You A Founder Of A Start Up?

Try Out These Launchpad Programs Brought In By None Other Than Google On 26th July, 2017 Google announced a new six month program called Developers Launchpad Studio. This is the third in the series of the Launchpad programs which Google has planned to start in order to support budding entrepreneurs. Apart from this new launch, […]

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The Reality Of Being Your Own Boss

Do you wish you could decode the magic of time management? Do you want a formula for completing all your projects and assignments on time while being your own boss? There’s no magic in this world to manage your time, especially when you are your own boss. The “own boss factor” simply comes along when […]

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Goods & Services Tax

India’s biggest-ever tax reform; GST is here after a long wait of almost 17 years. There is lot of anxiety in the implementation of it. GST is expected to provide a big boost to overall economic growth and revenues. As per latest World Bank report, the economy is predicted grow 7.2% in 2017-18 and 7.7% […]

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