We believe in team work


One of India’s first online curated marketplaces for expert consulting skills; our endeavour is to transform the consulting industry by bringing together deep and diverse business expertise on one curated platform. We engage with the independent professionals for their short to medium term project assignment or business expertise requirements – in a simple, transparent and efficient process.


We believe in a close working relationship with our clients – to understand their project consulting needs, suggesting a set of expert options based on client needs, budget and the company’s insights and understanding of the skills in their expert network. We will arrange a client-consultant meeting and engagement to confirm the selection. We also pay close attention to the need for a strong cultural fit between the Expert and Client organization.

Our value proposition to clients can be summarised in the 4C’s

Curated Network

Each of IndusGuru’s experts has been empaneled by invitation or referral, supported by a strong curation process.


IndusGuru provides Online profile access, project posting and a one-stop shop for a wide range of business expertise


Whenever clients post a project requirement, they are given a range of curated options and the flexibility to engage and choose the expert they want.

Cost Effective

Clients get deep professional expertise that is the best fit for their necessities and their budget – without having to pay the huge overheads of big consulting firms.

Shanu Malkani

Founder & Director

Shanu has 24+ years’ experience in the Technology consulting industry, having worked with industry leaders like Siemens Information Systems and Accenture, and niche application technology provider firm, Blue Ocean Systems, before co-founding IndusGuru. Shanu holds a B.E from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College Mumbai. She brings a strong customer service mindset and sharp execution focus to IndusGuru. She is an inveterate multi-tasker, juggling multiple roles at IndusGuru - managing her clients, expert network and team.

Cyrus Lentin


Cyrus has 30+ years industry experience with extensive domain expertise in Data Management, Messaging & Infrastructure. Information Technology expert with hands on experience in Product Management, Release / Delivery Management, Software Development, Management Information Systems. He has set up the IndusGuru Platform as the Solution Architect for it since Jan 2016. He has previously worked for MindCraft Software, QuantumLink Communications. Cyrus is a Data Science Student For Life and loves teaching students at NMIMS, ISME, Aegis, Welingkar among others.

Payal Hemdev

Business Development Manager

Payal has over 19 years of experience in Business Development and Strategy. She holds a Masters in Management, Strategy and International Business from Monash University, Australia. She has worked for S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research and founded her own entrepreneurial venture focusing on development activities for kids. She wears multiple hats and processes numerous tasks at the same time. She has been a part of IndusGuru team from Aug 2017.

Sahaj Nalgirkar

Business Development Manager

Sahaj has over 8 years experience in Business Development. He has been an entrepreneur and run an online artist booking platform. He holds a B.E degree. Sahaj helps in lead generation & lead conversion and ensuring that clients find the best fit expert from the talent pool. In his free time he ensure that Music is his companion. He has been a part of IndusGuru team from Jan 2020.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships