Marketing/Consumer Durables

6 months


An interior Decoration company including Home Decor Manufacturer
A Business Strategist specializing in Growth & Transformation. He leads the practices on Strategy, Transformation, Sales & Customer Experience. His passion lies in closely working with CEOs & Founders to transition them from the traditional world to the new era. Competent in B2B and B2C products from industrial products to consumer business. His strengths lies in driving marketing strategy and generate sales. His expertise lies in strategy, sales & customer experience
1. Information gathering and perception mapping from 360 degree ( Customer, Distributors, Employees )
2. Validating internal data with observations leading to insight mining
3. Designing framework for Sales Process Excellence
4. Design framework for Performance Review mechanism.
1. Key levers identified between ‘Present Readiness’ and ‘Next 3 years Ambition’.
2. Transition towards ‘Performance oriented Culture’ commenced with metrics driven structured review mechanism and sales resource restructuring.
3. Go To Market approach for retailing identified. This is the first time in the history, company has launched product for retail segment.
4. Processes for New Employee Induction, On-field coaching, Sales Hiring, Performance Review put in place
Quite liked the detailed approach of IndusGuru to match the Client with right Consultant. I feel that’s the most important step for a impactful outcome. Starting from a clear brief on the project, moderating the first meeting with the client to ensure clear understanding of expectations ( client) and deliverables ( consultant ), curating limited consultants for any assignment and finally putting in place the contract with clear deliverables & commercials. During the consulting period, both Dipak and Payal remain in touch with both sides for necessary facilitation, if any. IG is building a robust platform for SME consulting which would positively impact both the SMEs and Expert Consultants.