6 months

Expert to assist in the CAPEX Cost optimisation and Vendor management for a Pharma client

Big 4 consulting firm working for an end Client- Pharma API Manufacturing company
Pharmaceuticals API Process and Greenfield Project Expert with 40+ years’ experience. Engineering and Procurement expert in API Pharma projects. Areas of expertise are Process Engineering / Cost Reduction,-Time cycle and Waste Optimization / troubleshooting / De-bottlenecking / Brown and Greenfield Projects / Pilot Plant, Technology Transfer / Technical Services / Process Improvement, Shop Floor Manufacturing, CAPEX, API Site Administration, Unit/ Site Head, Utilities, Engineering , ETP, MEE and ATFD
Advise client on Cost Reduction wrt Approach towards direct material cost reduction, validate hypothesis and suggest new areas to explore, share industry best practices to reduce the overall CAPEX cost
The consultants long exposure in the CAPEX Procurement and Process knowledge, Equipment cost were reduced by proposing better Material of Construction (MOC) , The recommendations had been validated by providing benchmark data used in the contemporary API Units.
Another assignment given was to get preliminary budgetary techno commercial quote for the Process Equipment. It was done in a short period.

Overall, it was a learning experience.
A great opportunity indeed !!