An Interactive E-session on
Gig-Consulting Opportunities for Early & Mid-Career Professionals
Get to know what Partners of the Top Consulting firms have to say and get a chance to learn from your peer’s success

DATE: Wednesday, January 12, 2022
TIME: 5-6:30PM, IST
The demand for freelance consulting opportunities is growing rapidly in the last few months, with the opening of the economy and revival of demand across most sectors. Organisations are facing unprecedented attrition and churn in their workforce, as professional managers are re-evaluating their work-life options.  In this scenario, organisations are waking up to the need and potential of leveraging the "liquid workforce" - skilled and experienced freelance professionals to take up short-term projects, interim roles, on a flexible contractual basis. 

IndusGuru invites you to be a part of an interactive session to discuss and share some use cases / success stories, profile the emerging areas / opportunities for our current Network members and share our Network Referral model to help grow opportunities for all our members.
* Early and mid-career freelance professionals
* Individuals looking to switch from a corporate to freelancing role
* Individuals aspiring to work at the top consulting firms
Q. Where will the event be held?
A. The event will be held on zoom platform

Q. How will I get a link to join this session?
A. Once you fill up the google form from the registration button above, a link will be sent to you within 48 hours on your email.

Q. Can I invite my friends and colleagues to this event?
A. Yes. This event is open to all early and mid-career professionals
* Get insight on the market opportunity
* The IndusGuru view and the opportunities ahead
* Learn from the success stories of your peers
* What do client expect? Hear straight from the client
* Seek answers and get clarity in the Open house Q&A
* Early and mid-career consultants part of IndusGuru Network
* Partners from the Top Global Consulting Firms
* Sr. Independent Advisors / Industry Veterans

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