A fireside chat on
Building an Advisory Business to help SME's grow
Held on 28th July 2022
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Our Speakers


Key Discussion Themes

  • Importance of the SME sector for developing and developed economies
  • Challenges faced by the SME sector in India and globally
  • Working with SME Owners – key success factors
  • A scalable model for helping the SME sector – Peer to Peer Executive Boards
  • Understanding the Alpha Group’s SME Scale-up Business Model and opportunities to engage as independent professionals

Key Insights from our Speakers

  • The SME segment is a critical and material segment of the economy in all parts of the world
    • SME sector contributes 1/3rd to the Indian GDP, 30% contribution in manufacturing output, 0.5 bn registered SME business, 100 mn employments, 50% exports
    • In other parts of the world – Chile, Brazil. Australia, Canada, Spain – it is an equally significant part of the economy. In Spain for example 75-85% of the workforce is employed by SMEs
  • Consulting to SME’s needs a completely different mindset and approach, vs working with large Corporates - driven by an understanding of their “buyer values”
    • Consultants carry the baggage of Positional authorities coming from large corporates. The key to serve the SME’s is “Unlearn first”
    • Typically, large Corporates expect Domain/Functional Expertise whereas SMEs expect Diverse knowledge
    • Large Corporates are used to working on time/retainer based fee models; SME’s expect and prefer an outcome or success based fee approach
  • Supporting SME growth ambitions at scale needs a different business model. Facilitating Peer-to Peer Executive Boards is one such.
  • The Alpha Group a global organisation with a proven methodology to build and run P2P Executive Boards of SME owners is is one of the fastest growing companies in this space.
    • The Alpha Group brings together 10-20 SME owners together to form a board moderated by a Regional Director
    • The aspirations of the Alpha Group for the Indian Market
    • Build a network of 200 Regional Directors
  • Senior independent professionals with a proven track record at leadership levels can explore the role of Regional Director of Alpha Group, to build and run their own SME Boards.