We are a Platform that helps companies find and use consultants and experts to solve critical business challenges through short-duration project assignments. IndusGuru makes it easy for our client users to post, find best-fit experts and consultants, and execute short-term Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR and Technology projects at very competitive price points. Assignments can last a few days or a couple of months. IndusGuru connects businesses to high quality consultants and experts at a price point they can afford.

We provide the very best business talent as soon as you need them, and you pay only when you use them for your assignments. We only permit Curated talent onto IndusGuru, and our standard terms and conditions ensure satisfaction and confidentiality.

The IndusGuru Platform can be used by different types of organization

Large Corporates Can use the IndusGuru platform to engage niche or specialised skills that they find hard to recruit or those that they need to engage for project assignments with short-lead times – through a competitive and transparent process

SME’s or Mid-Sized Organisations Can use IndusGuru, to engage high quality experts and consultants for critical projects that they cannot afford to from large / brand-name consulting forms.

Private Equity Firms: Can use IndusGuru to provide high-quality talent on demand, to add value to short term assignments in their Investee firms

Consulting Organisations: Can use IndusGuru to access high-quality experts to add value to on-going projects in a targeted way

Not for Profit Organisations: can use IndusGuru to access high-quality business talent that they would normally find difficult to attract and afford – to address strategic and capacity-building challenges. Our experts and consultants are keen to contribute to the social sector through their professional skills

Monetize your professional skill set when and where you want to without having to spend significant time in business development. Access and bid for a wide range of assignments when clients need them. Network with your professional peers.

Our core focus at this stage is on Strategy, Operations, Marketing, HR and Information Technology related projects, but we have enough variety in the talent pool to tackle most business related projects.

Maintaining your company's private data is our highest priority. We never reveal any information to our Business Experts and Consultants unless you, the client, have approved it first.