Project Objective: To train the sales team in negotiation and stakeholder management in the govt. sector

Project Description: Our client is the Indian subsidiary of a leading multinational pharmaceutical company. As part of the routine training and development program for the sales team, the client would like to engage with an expert trainer who can coach and conduct workshops on Negotiation and Stakeholder Management in the Govt. Sector. The purpose of these workshops will be to upskill the sales team and to share insights on best practices and communication methodologies while dealing with the Govt Sector.


Project Objective: Need for a Data Architect (Senior Vice President)

Project Description: Role would entail-
1. Hands on experience of extract, transform and load operations - knowledge of developing and using data standards comprising the format, representation, definition, structuring, manipulation, tagging, transmission, use, and management of data
2. Aptitude to learn new technologies and communicate the business value of new technology solutions
3. Develop best in class capability of deploying self- running and learning framework for ML/DL model across cloud platform
4. Provide strategic direction and technical expertise to meet data architecture needs
5. Review and comment on data solutions designed by IT project teams, and support requirements development
6. Research the implementation of data standards for interoperability, quality, and entity and data attributes
7. Excellent organizational and analytical abilities, and able to compile and organize statistical information retrieved and present findings to management
8. Play a key role in cloud migration strategy with focus on single/multi cloud, best possible tools/service on cloud, design architecture
9. Instrumental in designing and optimising dev ops capability of the analytics group
10. Should be able to leverage Dev ops environment like Jenkins, GitHub/ Bitbucket, Sonarcube, Checkmarx, etc. to deploy/orchestrate the models
11. Establish rail roads of continuous data flow and transmission of insights to business especially in real time environment.
12. Help come up with framework on cost optimisation while running various process on cloud basis analytics job execution
13. Regular interaction with technology, analytics and business stakeholders to ensure the analytics use case pipeline are prioritised basis organisation priority and impact
14. Follow Agile Process Methodology to ensure effective communication and faster development cycles. Co- Ordinate with stakeholders (Scrum Master, Architect, PM Etc) and provide required updates


Project Objective: Experts having experience in the R&D department on wiring harness of commercial vehicles

Project Description: Our client, one of the large global consulting firms is engaging in a cost reduction program for their end client, one of the leading Indian multinational automotive manufacturing companies. As part of this program, our client would like to engage with a subject matter expert having experience in the R&D dept of wiring harnesses for commercial vehicles.


Project Objective: To guide the consulting firm on Manpower Cost optimisation of the support functions

Project Description: expert profiles for understanding the structure and staffing of the Finance and support functions for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. We would like to speak to former Senior General Managers/ General Manager/ Vice Presidents of top Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing companies


Project Objective: To handle Content Strategy + Execution & Vendor Management as the Marketing Lead

Project Description: Content Strategy + Execution

- Ideating and strategising content for all marketing communications; Website, Social, Product
- Content curation for a variety of applications - from snappy pieces, to fully researched and well
presented caselets
- Driving the employer brand for the firm using a bunch of different content
strategies and execution techniques

Vendor Management

- On-boarding of vendors, negotiation for the best price and delivery
- Vetting of agreements, ensuring smooth delivery of all content within TAT
- Ensuring every vendor is in sync with the brand strategy
- Constantly keep an eye on the best ones in the market

Other Responsibilities

Most crucial - Liaising with all internal teams like Corp Comm, Content teams to drive your
- Creating and maintaining a monthly budget sheet as per spends approved by the management
- Staying constantly in touch with the Finance and Legal team for agreements and payments for
all external vendors
- Setting up of processes for ensuring timely delivery of all requirements
- You will be required to regularly collaborate with internal teams to develop new creative
content and optimize existing content for a whole host of metrics. One also needs to be
audience-obsessed about content.
- Test & optimise: Brainstorm new hypotheses across cohort sets, develop content routes, write
and edit copy, apply lessons…. You get the drift
- You will be joining a team of some of the best Private debt/ equity, assets and infra experts the
country has to offer, and we are enthused to see you make the cut.


Project Objective: To play a key role in evaluating investment opportunities, deal execution, post deal engagement in terms of execution of turnaround plan, investment monitoring and eventual exit.

Project Description: Play a key role in deal evaluation and execution:
Financial modelling: Building financial models to assess deal attractiveness, alternate deal constructs and
scenario analysis. Modelling would need to be detailed to capture every cost and revenue line, and analyze
the same across various commodity cycles. Crisply articulate insights gained from these analyses and
implications on the deal attractiveness/deal structure etc.

Deal structuring: Develop excel models to assess and quantify impact of various deal structures. Work
effectively with peers in advisory firms to achieve desired end products

Company/sector research: As part of the deal evaluation process, compile and analyse relevant data on
the sector, company, competitors etc. from databases, annual reports, expert conversations, discussions
with research analysts etc. Synthesis key messages from such research and conversations, and share with
the deal team. Candidate should have ready empanelment of experts to access for various commodity
businesses and within these specific products like various value added products in flat or long steel

Due diligence: Effectively lead work streams on diligence and ensures high quality end product delivered
in agreed timelines across financial, commercial, forensic, legal / regulatory, technical, ESG etc and build a
build a robust turnaround plan including financial and operational turnaround which forms the basis for
the Fund investment.

Investment Committee Memos : The candidate would be responsible for preparing and presenting high
quality investment memo on his deals and also updates on deals.

Post deal involvement: Work alongside the organisation's operational and monitoring team in portfolio companies
(many of which the firm will have the most significant economic interest in the enterprise value with
controls through combination of debt and equity instruments ) on key drivers of the turnaround plan,
monitoring the investment including performance, covenants etc and identifying new growth levers or
building up mitigation plan for incremental risks / developments in the business and present to team / IC


Project Objective: To provide a large mobile development services firm with a technical project manager

Project Description: Our client, a large mobile development services firm, is looking for a technical project manager.


Project Objective: Launching ecommerce solutions/ mobile app solutions as an ecommerce architect

Project Description: Our client, a large mobile development firm, is looking for an E-commerce architect who is hands-on and has experience in launching e-commerce solutions and/ or mobile apps for large organisations. Expert should be able to handle various challenges that come with the above.


Project Objective: To lead the planning, direction and execution of the company's investor relations strategy.

Project Description: - Lead all internal and external investor relations’ activities to introduce, position, and market
the firm's Financial Services vertical to investors, including running investor day meetings, marketing
events with analyst coverage and key investors.
- Maintaining an authentic narrative around Company’s purpose, vision, and strategy.
Communicating the company’s current and future growth plans to investor and research
- Helping executive management prepare for various investor events including quarterly
results, annual general meetings, conferences, and earnings calls.
- Oversee the preparation high quality corporate presentations, key investor messages, results
collateral, & quarterly/annual report write-ups, press releases and coordinating with
multiple businesses and functional groups.
- Providing feedback to management regarding the investment community & perception of
how the company is being managed, and their view of its financial results etc. Present the
views of the investor community to the top management team and assist in the
development of corporate strategy.
- Benchmarking Investor Relations practices with various top global companies and help the
team incorporating the same.


Project Objective: Expert to work as a General Manager with various stakeholders towards ensuring formulation of the organization’s approach towards a robust sustainability strategy and program while acting as the bridge between various businesses and corporate leadership to provide regular feedback to the management.

Project Description: - Monitoring the organization’s sustainability initiatives and ensuring that the program stays on track. Facilitating discussions around improving the company’s overall sustainability performance.
- Helping manage the external agency to help deliver superior sustainability performance within the company.
- Coordinating the organization’s Sustainability journey, acting as a bridge between the businesses, corporate leadership, and external consultants
- Staying abreast with the trends around sustainability initiatives & practices and sharing news flow and alerts with the management.
- Assessing our sustainability initiatives and practices by benchmarking KPIs and Case Studies with peers and help identify areas in which improvements can be made.
- Brainstorming & identifying creative ways in which company can balance business obligations with its sustainability program.
- Tracking efficacy of sustainability programs, and implementation of improvements.
- Preparing responses and documentation for various customer and other stakeholder queries regarding Sustainability.
- Enabling harmonious progress on sustainability targets by monitoring, collation & reporting of data.
- End to end development of Sustainability Report, right from concept to content creation and design
- Preparing sustainability communication materials and helping top management to make effective communication to stakeholders.


Project Objective: To deploy various IT Solutions and Services for clients in the manufacturing of renewable energy & IT products space.

Project Description: Our client is a one-stop destination for IT Services, providing regional IT Infrastructure Managed Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Application Services, and HR Managed Services (FMS) to their customers globally. The client is looking to explore potential industries where their IT products could be promoted and hence the client would like to engage with subject-matter experts who can create a feasibility project report/ project plan in 1-manufacturing of renewal energy products, 2- manufacturing of IT Products.


Project Objective: Experts with experience in risk management and compliance for implementation of policies.

Project Description: The end client is a polish german financial service firm, who has just recently set up an Indian branch. Internal team is already in the process of policy designing and need an expert for policy implementation and reporting.


Project Objective: Need for information /data security expert for a big 4 consulting firm

Project Description: Need for information /data security expert for a big 4 consulting firm. The end client is a polish german financial service firm, who has just recently set up an Indian branch. internal team is already in the process of policy designing and need an expert for policy implementation and reporting.


Project Objective: Finance expert with experience in Planning, budgeting and forecasting - Creating and managing budgets and forecasts; Treasury management including Cash flow creation, Bank reconciliations

Project Description: Clients needs few experts for the following requirements:
Handle finance Operations in the following areas:
Profiles for Planning, budgeting and forecasting - Creating and managing budgets and forecasts
Profile for Reporting - management & stat report creation and analysis
Profile for Treasury management including Cash flow creation, Bank reconciliations


Project Objective: To support the client in ITRA area

Project Description: ITRA, ITGC, Risk assessment, identification and remediation, presentation skills, Cloud Security, Data Privacy


Project Objective: To design, manage the development, support, maintain and implement an enterprise application

Project Description: ● To be part of a team that is responsible for delivering technology-enabled solutions of the future. This will involve all business value chain activities- understanding product needs, designing the technology architecture in compliance to internal policies and norms, managing product development & ongoing maintenance and enhancement.
● To be a member of a squad that has the technical capability to design, develop and implement various components of an application from end to end.
● To be a fully contributing team member, under broad guidance from senior architects and technology leaders.
● To be responsible for designing, managing the development, supporting, maintaining, and implementing an enterprise application that is scalable, resilient, and distributed.

● To work on solving problems of relatively complex scope through general usage of standard programming concepts.
● To develop and implement new and ongoing application needs to complete end to end setup of the product.
● To contribute to the architecture across the technology stack, from databases to native apps. The technology stack has to be finalized in accordance to very strict Open source, independence and Intellectual property considerations.
● To be responsible for working with the development team to ensure that the software application is built within the consulting firm's Open-source guidelines, independence and security constraints (Open Web application security protocols - OWASP)
● To be responsible to ensure that any issues, bugs, non-compliances to the above constraints are fixed by the developer within acceptable and approved timelines
● To be responsible for defining the technical qualification criteria for potential developers who will participate in the bidding process – you will also be responsible for designing and conducting a minor proof of concept from all participating vendors to assess their technical prowess
● To design, oversee and program manage development and deployment of full-scale enterprise applications by working collaboratively and iteratively through design and development to deliver fully functioning web-based and mobile applications that meet business goals.
● To further build upon domain knowledge and technical/proprietary skills to reach higher levels of expertise.


Project Objective: To look at the current client data and recommend best solutions

Project Description: The consulting firm is working on a cost optimisation project for a mid sized API manufacturing company. and is looking for an expert in Solvent recovery, traceability, equipment efficiencies like motor pump etc. The consultant to visit client site at Vijaywada and Ankaleshwar and review the existing setup and suggest recommendations on areas of improvement


Project Objective: sad

Project Description: test


Project Objective: To get understanding of key metrics in the pharma manufacturing plant for manpower cost optimisation

Project Description: expert with understanding the structure of the Quality (QA/QC) dept. at a plant and corporate level for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. We would like to understand efficiency metrics like % of Quality employees, QA/QC ratio, ratio of production/ quality employees.

Screening questions:

What is the typical QA/ QC ratio in the API industry? What is the range of best in class QA/QC ratio? – rough range necessary to validate expert understanding
What is the typical ratio of Quality (QA & QC) employees to the total FTE at a plant level?
Can you comment on span and organizational structure for the quality function your former company at a plant and corporate level?
What are some features / principles to keep in mind while designing a best-in-class plant level quality department – please ensure the expert provides some response instead of just yes or no.
What is the typical span of a manager in the QA dept. and QC dept. respectively at a plant level? What is the range of best in class spans for a QA/QC manager? – rough range necessary to validate expert understanding
Would you be comfortable sharing the benchmarks separately for API and Formulation based plants/companies?


Project Objective: To give an understanding of the structure of the Finance, HR and Admin functions for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies

Project Description: The client is working on a Finance manpower cost optimization project for an API pharma manufacturing company and would like to have an understanding of the structure of the Finance, HR and Admin functions for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies


Project Objective: To understand the structure of Supply chain function

Project Description: The client would like to have an understanding of the structure of the Supply Chain Management function and demand supply planning for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.


Project Objective: HR expert with experience in organisation design, capacity planning and/ or organisation effectiveness to support the client's team for the project.

Project Description: MNC manufacturer is a French company - a heavy equipment manufacturer. Organisation design, culture project has been initiated with the end client. Expert should have hands-on how capacity planning is done with organisation structuring, roles defined and KPIs. The client needs the expert to do a diagnosis of the current organisation structure, identify the key gaps, plan KRAs and KPIs. This will lead to leader assessment for 25 employees and one on one discussion.


Project Objective: Expert to Program lead the digital Transformation

Project Description: • Overall Program Lead for SNP
• Functional Expert on Supply Network Planning across Transportation and Freight Management, Sales & Marketing, Distribution Planning and Scheduling, Supply Demand Management
• End to end accountability for platform delivery and first point of contact


Project Objective: Expert to Program lead the digital Transformation

Project Description: • Overall Program Lead
• Functional Expert on Trading and Risk Management across Market Analysis, Trade Capture and Execution, Credit and Market Risk Management, Contract Management
• End to end accountability for platform delivery and first point of contact


Project Objective: Management Consultant with hands on modeling experience and project and stakeholder management skills

Project Description: Client Description

The client is a large consulting firm. The end client, a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest pension funds, is engaged in the development, operation, and management of essential infrastructure assets. It currently manages ~2,000 km of toll roads in 10 concessions across five countries. The end client is actively looking to expand presence in the toll roads space in the Developed Markets, specifically in the US and has solicited support from the client to manage the due diligence of potential opportunities & competitive bid submission.


Lead comprehensive Due Diligence process for infrastructure assets: Assume ownership of the valuation analysis; Manage
engagement with advisors – critique their outputs and bring in local expertise; Lead discussions with tax & accounting advisors;
Responsible for robustness & quality of assessments and development of project / approval documentation
▪ Lead the Transaction Advisory team of 2 - 4 members: Responsible for overall project delivery
▪ Anchor all buy-side transaction related activities: Creation / review of information memorandums and other asset-specific
documents, development of business plans & financial projections, preparation of investment approval documents, etc.
▪ Oversee engagement with domain advisors: Critique their outputs / analysis, ensure robustness and quality of assessments
through thought leadership, statistical tools & engagement with experts
▪ Supervise development of valuation model and assess potential cash traps, minimum cash levels, dividend payments,
distribution rules, etc., to maximize shareholder returns
▪ Engage with the finance, tax and accounting advisors to develop innovative / suitable financial structures and
correlate financial due diligence findings with client valuations and price negotiations
▪ Support discussions with potential lenders to help the client achieve best possible terms and timely commitments
▪ Attend / assist in participation of pre-bid and other meetings organized by the authority, supervise preparation / submission
of all bid documents and manage preparation of the final binding offer
▪ Present the analysis / key findings to the Client Leadership and Board Members / Shareholders; Lead discussions to
facilitate alignment among the key stakeholders and obtain necessary approvals


Project Objective: To provide a battery/EV expert to facilitate investment decisions in the EV and battery technology Space

Project Description: The client is a consulting firm looking for an expert to advise on used cases of battery technologies in context of investment opportunities for its end client, an MNC who is looking to invest in the battery, EV, electrochemistry, energy storage space


Project Objective: To help the consulting firms to understand green hydrogen operations

Project Description: Working for a leading power utility company in India on a project related to green hydrogen in India and we are looking for independent experts with significant/ related experience in Refineries to help us understand hydrogen operations in refineries (and plans/ challenges for use of green hydrogen)


Project Objective: To guide the consulting firm

Project Description: The consulting firm is working for a leading power utility company in India on a project related to green hydrogen in India and we are looking for independent experts with significant/ related experience in Green Hydrogen Producers/ Suppliers


Project Objective: Client needs an expert whose competency is in Internal Audit

Project Description: • Defining and implementing audit plans, programs, methodology, checklists and procedures covering all aspects of business operations.
• Leads and performs operational, financial, IT and/or compliance audits.
• Supervises senior leads and leads on audits and provides guidance.
• Based on gaps identified, designs and develops controls which mitigate these risks and agree with process owners.
• Evaluates the reliability and integrity of information and the efficient and effective use of resources
• Reviews work papers to ensure that the same are updated in the central repository and is in accordance with Re-performance standards.
• Follows up on the progress of implementation of recommendations with key stakeholders
• Evaluate and examine processes, policies and procedures and systems in place to identify risks and mitigating controls.
• Contribute significantly towards building strong and effective risk awareness and control consciousness within the Company.
• Supporting the Chief Internal Auditor in ensuring timely as well as quality reporting to the oversight committee/board/senior leadership team.
• Participate in key initiatives/value add activities (Such as ERM, Compliance Monitoring, process changes, application launch, etc.).
• Develop a learning culture by coaching, counselling, and training of team members by providing objective support and supervision, sharing ideas/information/knowledge through strong leadership skills.


Project Objective: Client wants to run a workshop for their marketing team for their offsite to cover topics such as Brand building, Team motivation, Good practices.

Project Description: Expert should have Extensive experience in Marketing (ATL, BTL, Digital)
Topics to cover: Brand building, Team motivation, Good practices
Audience: Marketing team
Location of the workshop - 3 to 4 hour away from Kolkata


Project Objective: To guide client on several points

Project Description: Guide the client on points below:

1.Specification of solvents used in pharma industry
2.Material substitution for Agri, Solvents & Other RMs used in API plants
3.Cleaning Solvents & Cleaning process for API and fermentation API plants


Project Objective: To work as a Project Management Officer and facilitate Application Development

Project Description: - Worked on Application development and then moved to project management roles
- Hands on experience on coding/programming/development
- Managed 2-4M budgeted projects
- Strong in communication and worked in global engagements
- Project management in core application development project and not in support/operations/infrastructure


Project Objective: HR consultant who can work with the team on the PMS - and deploy the KPIS to next 2 levels

Project Description: client: Animal Health firm / $200 mn revenues
- Client has defined KPIs for top leadership team of 5 people
- they want an Org / HR consultant who can work with their team on the PMS - and quickly deploy the KPIS to next 2 levels
- work with function heads to get alignment on KPIs and incentive structure - across operations and sales
- expected to be 2-3 week assignment ; has to be quick and nimble
- client Mumbai - Thane based


Project Objective: experts in generating and implementing cost reduction ideas in auto components.

Project Description: A Big4 Consulting Firm is starting its engagement with one of the leading automotive OEMs in India for generating and implementing cost reduction ideas.
They need SMEs having 20+ years of experience in Design/ Parts Development/ Procurement of auto components who has hands-on experience in generating cost reduction ideas through levers of VA/VE, design optimization, Tear Down Analysis, benchmarking & implementing industry best design.
Once they are 3 to 4 weeks into the project, they would then invite the SMEs to the client location for 2-3 days to gather their insights on VA/VE & cost reduction ideas across categories.


Project Objective: To provide a java lead to an IT Services Firm

Project Description: The client is a full-service digital experiences agency offering digital advisory, design strategy, UX/UI services, application development and maintenance and expertise in emerging technologies such as AR, VR, block chain, chat bots and more. They have crafted over 2000 digital solutions for several large global corporations such as Paytm, Walmart, Target, Mercedes Benz, Larsen and Toubro, HDFC, etc.

The client needs a Java Lead on an urgent basis . A good grasp of the core Java/OOPS concepts are the primary skill expectations from the Lead. Other than these, some secondary expectations are as follows:-

 Spring MVC/ Spring Boot/ Java Play
 Rest APIs (Designing APIs for given requirement, CRUD operations)
 MySQL/ MongoDB (Including designing schema, optimization, indexing)
 Process/tools (Agile, Git, IDE, etc.)
 Deployment (including scalability, high availability)

The following are the roles and responsibilities expected from the Lead:-

 Experience in developing applications using Core Java and J2EE
 Knowledge of Design Patterns
 Experience in frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot or Java Play
 Experience in any ORM tools like Hibernate, JPA, Ebean
 Using any of the application servers like Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic etc.
 Hands on experience in NoSQL – MongoDB/DynamoDB, RDBMS – MySQL/Oracle/MS SQL
 Must have experience of building high-volume and transactional with scalability and high
 Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git, SVN
 Unit Testing
 Basic knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS are added advantage


Project Objective: To provide an IT services firm with Product Manager

Project Description: Key Roles & Responsibilities:

The Product Manager would be responsible to:

-Manage end-to-end product lifecycle from conception to execution to go-to-market.

- Work closely with sales, pre-sales, design, development, testing teams to ensure that the product is delivered as per customer expectations.- Independently complete the PRD output, project implementation and optimization according to the analysis of business needs and product strategy.

- Collaborate with business side, technology, and test teams to promote the landing of major product projects and obtain product output that meets the customer demands.

- Deep understanding of the marketplace business strategy. Combining with the industry development trends and strategy, make the prospective overall planning for the long-term development of platform products to achieve the product breakthroughs.

- Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that improve customer experience and drive growth.

- Analyze existing data using diverse analytics tools and conduct market and customer research to identify potential features or releases.

- Gathering inputs and requirements from internal and external stake-holders and organize follow-up meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page.

- Produce high-level product requirements, iterate with your design and engineering teams.

- Engage stakeholders in leadership, research, data, and support, and a coordinate across teams to maintain product and strategy alignment.

Account Mining

- Front end relationship for designated account/clients and maintain good relationship with key stakeholders of the account

- Collate business intelligence regarding the client and its competition there by understand their strategic direction and way forward for deeper association with company

- Mine the existing account and generate more revenue by having more strategic projects.

- Coordinate with internal stakeholders and ensure that the client deliverables are met on time and on cost

- To be part of the presales, sales presentation by company with the client- Visit client location and be the go-to person for the client for all Digital requirements


Project Objective: To provide an IT Services Firm with a Business Analyst on a contract role

Project Description: The client is an IT services firm and offers end-to-end solutions in product advisory, design, engineering and analytics. With 25 years of experience in software development they have played an active role in the ever changing world of digital products. They are currently servicing industries such as Banking & Financial Services, E-commerce & Retail, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare & Pharma to name a few.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

Requirement gathering
Product backlog management
User stories
Acceptance criteria documentation on JIRA
Consult with prospective clients as a domain and technology experts
Strategically plan ways to demonstrate superior customer service
Engage clients in strategic discussions to define goals, make recommendations.


Project Objective: To provide a CTO to an AgriTech platform

Project Description: Our client, a large AgriTech platform, is looking for a full time CTO. The aim is to have the expert guide the development of the tech side of the platform, to facilitate better business operations. The expert will design the architecture of the platform, and will play a key role in its development. The expert will have to:-

• Develop, release, maintain and scale online software applications.
• Look after the overall architectural design and product delivery responsibility.
• Build and manage a development team of in-house engineers and external vendors for product delivery
• Build a data warehouse needed to implement the architecture, and conduct a diagnosis for current and future data systems
• Develop database solutions by designing proposed system; defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, security, back-up, and recovery specifications
• Successfully lead the design, development, implementation of a critical and complex part of an Application Security Tools and Services.
• Be comfortable working with teams from multiple domains and flexible in working on a wide variety of tasks spanning the full stack, Application Security, System Software and Security Analytics.
• Analyse trends, news and changes in threat and compliance environment with respect to organizational risk; advise organization management and develop and execute plans for compliance and mitigation of risk; perform risk and compliance self- assessments.
• Manage the implementation process for assigned projects. Estimate work effort on a project


Project Objective: Finding an Enterprise Architect (Senior Vice President)

Project Description: 1. Looking for a leader who can vision, communicate and evolve enterprise architecture in alignment with enterprise strategy.
2. Works collaboratively with a team of specialist architects, business leaders and key stakeholders to create and design a modern, scalable, flexible, data led architecture
3. Has worked very closely with the CTO/ CIO to drive all technology decisions and investments
4. Has run enterprise architecture for organizations with an annual IT budget exceeding Rs. 70 crores
5. Can define and operationalize the strategy and drive key decisions around business architecture, information architecture, infrastructure architecture, IT architecture, network architecture, product/ services architecture, security and web architecture
6. Has defined and operationalized the technology organization including hiring key roles such as application architects, data architects, integration architects, security architects, infrastructure architects, cloud architects, amongst others
7. Has led large programs (definition, design, evaluation, selection and implementation) on cloud modernization, data architecture modernization, mobile web and app development and SaaS and PaaS implementation
8. Formulates logical descriptions of problems, leads design efforts, defines end to end architectures, oversees and performs analysis, makes recommendations on product/ platform/ technology selection, creates implementation plan, estimates costs and efforts, executes, monitors and measures
9. Uses deep hands on experience and independent judgement to present insights and recommendations, and measure outcomes
10. Experience in TCO simulation, cost management, financial viability and assessment of solutions and tools
11. Brings a customer first mindset coupled with next gen technology to help transition to a technology led organization


Project Objective: Azure Cloud architect with experience in shared services operations and infra support for an expanding large organization

Project Description: Our client, a large Indian conglomerate's corporate office is looking for a Azure Cloud Architect plus IT Infrastructure Manager who can lead building and implementing cloud and IaaS requirements. The client is expanding and needs to ensure connectivity among the business units across departments and locations. The onboarded expert will be expected to ensure infra connectivity, security and privacy, and manage overall private and hybrid cloud setup.


Project Objective: Client needs an expert who understands the end point different hardware requirements from users and can help deliver workshops for pre-sales to various companies along with the client

Project Description: Our Client, a Big4 Consulting firm - needs an expert for their Information technology client based out of Delhi to assist them on shaping new value propositions (Device as a Service) to their clients. The expert should be able to assist in understanding and shaping the End-Point Device Architecture for target customers, and then assist in making a business case for change - and deliver them in Pre-Sales workshops.


Project Objective: To help the client address challenges regarding Advanced Instrumentation and Reverse Engineering

Project Description: We are looking for Analytical Expert having hands on experience in efficient and robust method development considering life cycle management of product.

Efficient Related substances method on HPLC with target runtime of 30-45 minutes with aid of DOE trials, having in depth understanding of critical factors to be considered during early stage development to avoid rework in development( Control strategy)

Development considering Q14 Draft guidance w.r.t. minimal Vs enhanced approach

Consideration of knowledge and risk management

Lifecycle Management and post approval changes of analytical procedures

Method validation strategies for MODR

Knowledge of handling instruments like Raman. LCMS etc


Project Objective: Institute a strong performance oriented and development culture in the College

Project Description: Our client is a leading College in South Mumbai. They would like to institute a strong culture of people (faculty and staff) development and performance management. They have a current HR team of 2 people who maintain employee records, decide annual increments for staff on Management rolls - and also manage the current Goal setting and performance management process.
They are looking for an HR leader -to work part time - and help guide and manage the current HR Practices - as well as take them to the next level of maturity. This could mean stronger processes for talent management & succession planning, etc


Project Objective: Performance Marketing expert who can drive online campaigns and build capability on digital marketing

Project Description: The client is a D2C venture of a diversified business group with over forty years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of skincare and personal care products. Its vision is to connect and access ethical, sustainable and clean brands from across the globe to the conscious consumer of today. It has a team of 30 people, has received initial funding and is looking to scale up its business. The client is looking for a digital marketing expert who can drive online campaigns for lead generation and conversion across Google Adwords and Social Media channels - Instagram and Facebook, etc. And help establish a strong performance marketing capability with focus on the right metrics.


Project Objective: Bilingual (English-Japanese) IT Project Manager with 6+ years of experience

Project Description: The client is an IT Services company based out of India and acquired by a Japanese Global Digital Solutions Enterprise. The client is looking for an IT Project Manager Bilingual (English-Japanese) with 6+ years of experience


Project Objective: Expert with experience in front-end of a Real estate business - sales, marketing, business development, strategy for an established PropTech platform

Project Description: Our client, an IT Services firm is building a Proptech online platform / product for a well funded startup. They want to engage with an expert who has worked in front-end of a Real estate business - ie sales, marketing, business development, strategy functions with an established PropTech platform like Housing, 99Acres, MagicBricks, Makaan, etc. The expert will be engaged to give industry domain inputs to the Client Team - covering user behaviour (users will include Customers, Real estate Agents, etc) and regulatory issues that impact Proptech.


Project Objective: Handhold and guide the execution of 5-7 projects across functions using Agile methodologies, involving senior leadership in understanding and implementing the projects using Agile

Project Description: The Client in the financial services sector is executing a Transformation program consisting of several cross - functional projects. They want to execute these projects using AGILE, in order to bring about a cultural change . They are looking for hand holding in executing these projects using agile methodologies/ JIRA etc.
The Expert will need to work closely with senior leaders in the organisation.


Project Objective: Expert who has had hands-on experience on establishing network systems for large IT setups

Project Description: Our client, a financial advisory firm needs to gather information on IT Infra Networking for large setups in order to facilitate an investment decision. The client wants to consult with an expert on one-on-one calls to understand new technologies and trends from a Network Operations expert.


Project Objective: Consultant with experience on large digital transformation projects

Project Description: Our client, a boutique strategy consulting firm is a team of past consultants from top consulting firms and is looking to onboard consultant with 7-15 Years of experience in Digital Transformation Project Management, Consulting & Advisory, Business planning and Strategy typically in a consulting firm operations teams


Project Objective: Understand and analyse data to provide insights and develop strategies

Project Description: *Data Scientist:*
Hands-on role to build data science and machine learning models that can solve business problems. Essential skills as follows
• Coding for fetching and processing data - SQL, Hive, Python
• Application of statistics for hypothesis testing and concluding on analysis
• Data visualization, reporting skills & strategization - DS/AI/ML models
• Big data - Hadoop, Spark

*Risk Analyst:*
Understand and analyse data to provide insights and develop strategies
• Coding for fetching and processing data - SQL, Hive, Python
• Basic to intermediate statistics for hypothesis testing and concluding on analysis
• Data visualization, reporting skills & other common tools like MS Excel, PPT
• Domain experience in fraud/risk would be a plus