Operations Consultants

Who is an Operations Consultant?

An Operations Consultant works on implementation of changes to the functional business processes and management systems of an organization. They help an organization to manage, streamline and improve its operations. An Operations Consultant aims to increase operating efficiency of assets like plants and warehouses, undertake cost reduction programs and improving customer satisfaction. The domain of the Operations Consultants typically covers areas like Process Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Logistics, Research and Development and Service. Operations Consultants can also provide specialist advice in techniques like Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and TPM.

What does an Operations consultant do?

Operations consultants are hired by clients to support them with improving the efficiency of their business. These services include developing and implementing target operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programmes and optimising business processes. In addition, it includes designing and implementing business transformations Examples include boosting the ‘Customer Experience’ (through Sales, Marketing and Customer Service processes ), improving the logistics (Supply Chain), redesigning the way raw materials are sourced (Procurement) and other front-office and back-office initiatives. In many cases improvements leverage technology, so projects include close cooperation with digital and IT consultants.

Operations consulting are also seeing an emerging trend towards the adoption of the Industrial Internet or the Internet of Things (IoT) – where intelligence embedded in physical assets through sensors and data analytics is changing the way physical supply chains are managed.

Why do Organisations need Operations Consultant?

The prime objective of any commercial organisation is to deliver value to share-holders. This means optimum utilisation of capital and assets, maximising revenue and optimising costs. An Operations Consultant can play an important role in each of these levers. Large as well as small organizations need experts who can handle these operations and build capabilities for having a competitive advantage.

Operations Consultants can help connect boardroom strategies to the ground, by adopting the latest technologies and management practices where and when it matters, and delivering robust and long term transformations enabled by capability building.

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  • Business Process Re-engineering
    ● Compliances
    ● Cost Reduction
    ● Environment, Health and Safety
    ● GST
    ● Lean Six Sigma
    ● Maintenance
    ● Manufacturing
    ● Procurement
    ● Project Management
    ● Quality Management
    ● SOP and Audit
    ● Supply Chain & Logistics

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