Strategy Consultants

Why Do You Need To Hire a Strategy Consultant for Your Organization?

Since the main aim of any business or organization is to make profits, the role of a Strategy Consultant is vital in helping them achieve this aim. Amidst the heavy competition, a Strategy Consultant does so by using his expertise in the particular field and guiding the business to take profitable decisions. Broadly, such a consultant performs two functions.

  • the first is to help shape the future of the company by steps such as diagnosis of the external challenges as well as internal problems faced by the company, base judgments upon the data collected, focus on right questions, and using the conclusions backed by sufficient evidence to pave the right way for the company.
  • Secondly, by employing their broad understanding and expert knowledge in a specific industry, a strategy consultant enables their business or client to gain a foothold in the market and outperform its competitors.

Additionally, by outsourcing your consulting needs, you not only save up on the costs of hiring a full-time resource, but also get access to a person who provides you a real review of a business from an outsider’s point of view. Strategy Consultants provide such advice and a plan of action customised for your organisation – based on experience that has proved successful in the corporate arena before as well.

How can a Strategy Consultant help you?

Strategy Development is fundamental to creating, growing and running a Business. Where do you want your company to be in 3 year or 5 years? What are your objectives – in terms of products and markets growth and sales, revenue and profit goals? Strategy Consultants help customers in an extensive variety of vital issues including growth and capability, market entry, diversification, target operating model, prompting business transformation.
A Strategy Consultant can help you prepare for the Future by helping you define your Business Strategy covering the following expertise areas:


Strategy Consultants have experience across a range of Industry sectors and can help you create a robust business plan, to guide your growth and investments – with a strong understanding of your market and your customers – and help you define revenue, cost, profit and capital projections which you can use for raising capital and Investments.


Strategy Consultants can help you grow your business by identifying opportunities for acquiring new Businesses, Products or Brands, and guide you through the process. If you want to exit a part of your business or monetise your products / brands, our experts can help you find a buyer


Strategy Consultant can help you chart out a Growth Roadmap for your organisation, including evaluating new markets, new products, new geographies as well as help you identify how you can grow in your current markets and product spaces. Our consultants will give you objective and insightful advice based on years of experience of working in your industry sector.


IndusGuru consulting firm can help you institute an Innovation process that can equip your organisations to bring new ideas to market in a faster and more successful way.


As you look to enter new markets – either new industry sectors or new geographies, you need advice from experts who have “been there and done that”. A Strategy Consultant can help you understand the opportunities, risks, challenges and best options for entering a new market – and help you put in place financial frameworks to help you priorities and choose the right options.


The public policy experts have deep experience in Government and the Non-Government space, researching and formulating policies that impact public interest including Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Energy and the use of Technology.

How can IndusGuru help you hire a Strategy Consultant?

IndusGuru is an agency which provides such competent and qualified strategy consultants that are able to provide practical, relevant, and insightful strategies. Using their leadership qualities, they assist clients in their market entry, growth, and business transformation. Our consultants provide these services at cost effective prices.

Need Strategy Consultants to chart out your growth path and hand-hold you on the journey? Reach out to us