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How IndusGuru Business Consultants Work?

IndusGuru – business consultants in India help organisations find the best-fit business consultants, for their critical short-term assignments and projects, and facilitate the process of selection and engagement.
We help business consultants in India find the best opportunities to apply their experience and talent and will build a platform and network for peer-to-peer learning and professional development.

For the Consultants, the Standard and Premium listing helps you reach out to clients who have posted their project requirements on IndusGuru. Find challenging / enriching projects through IndusGuru.

For the Clients, the multiple options of Self-Service, Assisted or Retainer-ship models helps find the best-fit consultants for project in a manner best suited to each client. Find the best-fit experienced consultants via IndusGuru.

Professional Business Consultants

What do our clients have to say! – Their feedback…

Highly Professional And Transparent Consultants

I am very happy to be associated with IndusGuru and they are very professional in their approach. What I found more important was that they were very open and transparent in their engagement with us and highly engaged. They followed up on progress an…
– Prashant Karmalkar [ Business Consultants India]

Just The Solution We Wanted for our business

The team at IndusGuru was extremely proactive in connecting us to an experienced Project Manager in a very short period of time! They handled our mandate with high degree of professionalism and ownership. We benefited a lot from their industry knowle…
– Deepmala Datta – Head HR – Maier+Vidorno [ Client ]

An Ideal Business Partner

An ideal partner for consultants to find opportunities that match their capabilities, IndusGuru is exactly what the consulting services industry needs. The ability to bring a broader understanding of the client’s brief and the consultant’s capabiliti…
– Rajesh Dhar [ Business Consultants India ]

Expertise and Professionalism!!!

Response of IndusGuru to requirement of BASF was quite prompt. They offered very experienced and capable best fit experts for the B2B Go-To Market strategy assignment and were able to organise the interview and discussion sessions with our senior lea…
– Lakshmi Nadkarni, Director – Human Resources, B A S F [ Client ]

Excellent Job!!!

IndusGuru does an excellent job of generating challenging consulting project leads and then connecting back to the right profile of consultants. The project brief is specific and concise to enable consultants to assess the opportunity without spen…
– Ruchira Roy [ Business Consultants India ]

Why Choose IndusGuru for your Business Consultants requirements?

In todays world high performing business consultants are coming from top schools with A+ grades and versatile work expertise. So, what does it take us to succeed in such a competitive industry among the best of the business consultants in india?

IndusGuru has developed the following qualities that has helped us go from being a good consultant to a great one.

  1. Our consultants are the most reliable professionals in India
    Our business consultants do exactly what they say,were going to do. It’s the 1st one quality required to build trust and reliability among our team of consultants and our clients.
  2. Our consultants reach to your problems in detail
    One of the crucial skill in consulting to build trust with clients is by delivering error-free deliverables. Which our consultants take utmost care off. Our business experts create lists of things to double-check before submitting anything. We listen to our clients problems to the core, so that we provide the best fit consultancy.
  3. Being The “Go-To” For Something
    Our Business, Financial, Strategy, HumanResource and Digital consultants are not among the common people. We differentiate ourselves from all our rock star peers. Our consultants are skilled with advanced financial modeling, and communications skills.
  4. Our consultants are not afraid of (Good) Questions
    Asking questions is at the core of how a consultant works. Questions help ensure us understand what we are being asked to do and the issues our client is facing.

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