Human Resource Consultants

Human capital is possibly the most important resource for an organisation to succeed in today’s competitive and ever changing market landscape. The pandemic has changed the ways of working across industries, into remote and hybrid forms of engagement – enabled by digital transformation. Organisations today are facing increasing challenges to engage and manage talent – from recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development to engagement and retention, to building a high performance organisation culture. In this scenario, organisations increasingly need external expertise in the form of experienced HR Consultants – to help them navigate and address these challenges.

  1. The Growth of HR Consulting in India

In the last few years, the talent management scenario in India has gone through a radical change – with companies transforming their organisation, manpower and workforce strategy, processes and policies. The current pandemic has increased the need of building a strong and resilient HR function and utilizing HR Consultants in transformation efforts. Remote working, has called out an urgent need to streamline various people related processes. Recruitment, Performance management, Goal setting, Learning and Development in a hybrid-working environment are emerging as the key areas for Human Resource Consultants in India to focus on.

  1. Why do organisations need HR Consultants?

An HR Consultant can provide expert advise and implementation services for various tasks and decisions related to human resource management of a business or organization. They perform two types of roles broadly- provding expert strategic advise on structure and policies, or enabling design and implementation of best-in-class processes and systems. While the technical aspects of a firm are taken care of by professionals, efficient management of the human resource of the company is also vital in order for the organization to grow successfully. An HR consultant can provide a range of services that are critical for effective functioning and growth of an organization. These roles include:

  • Behavioural Training
  • HR Strategy
  • Organisation Design
  • Change Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Effective Training
  • eLearning

3. Benefits of Hiring an Independent HR Consultant?

The benefits of having an Independent HR Consultant in your organisation are:
a) Independent and objective advice: HR consultants often address issues and challenges which are as subjective as they are strategic. How to structure the organisation for growth? How to coach senior leaders to be stronger “People managers”? How to design the performance management system to incentivise managers and executives to deliver to the organistion goals? HR consultants provide the much needed experience, facilitation and independent & objective that are needed to address these challenges. 

b) Expertise and Benchmarking: An HR Consultant will bring an external perspective and years of expertise working in leading organisations, to help your company learn and adapt the best practices for managing your most precious resource – your people. 

c)  Cost-effective: An Independent HR consultant will be cost effective. The consultant can come with years of expertise in your industry or on the focus area within the HR function that your organisation needs assistance for. In comparison, hiring a full time resource with that expertise or a large HR Consulting firm, can be very expensive. For an SME or a startup it is more efficient and cost effective to engage the right HR consultants than to build the entire HR team from scratch.

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