Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Services to Human Resource Consultants in India

While some companies become vary of outsourcing their HR needs to an external source, there are many organizations including some major MNCs which prefer hiring an HR on a contractual basis for a specific project. One of the most common project being the recruitment process when companies find it more useful to hire contractual HR consultants for assisting them in large scale recruitments and lessening their burden. Other areas of assistance where such temporary consultants come of use include administration of pension benefits, payroll management, employee benefits and relocation administration, and so on. Thus, hiring such a HR consultant on contract provided the following benefits to an organization:

1. Increased productivity

By outsourcing the HR duties, the company can focus on their core business and other important projects. This leads to an increase in the productivity of the business and more profits.

2. Reduced Expenditure

Organizations, especially small-scale businesses, greatly benefit by hiring an HR professional on a contractual basis as it saves them from investing in hiring a large operating team for different arenas on a permanent basis.

3. Greater management of resources

By hiring a HR professional, a company in a way promotes the proper management of people and the importance of their employee’s needs. This leads to not only encouragement of the employees but also better management of their resources.

4. Better growth

An HR would ensure that the delivery of service by the company improves every day, thereby paving the way for newer business opportunities and the overall promoting growth of the company.

5. Adherence to law

An HR consultant would ensure that the company and all its employees follow all the laws in its dealings and working, thereby saving the company from worrying about probable legal risks.

Why Should Your Company in India Need A Human Resource Consultants

An HR Consultant or Human Resource Consultant deals with the human resource management tasks and decisions. Using their HR knowledge and expertise, the HR consultants advise the management on recruitment, legal and people issues. In short, they are responsible for recruitment, development and retention of employees in the organisation. They are also responsible for framing the HR policies and providing counselling to their colleagues.

An HR Consultant or Human Resource Consultant helps organisations with specialized advise relating to human resource management tasks and decisions. As modern organisations grow larger and more complex, and as the new generation of people that are entering organisations have very different expectations from the workplace – the Human resource challenges of any organization are getting more diverse – and the skills needed to solve them – more unique and scarce.

HR consultants are typically engaged to get specialist advise around how to structure the organization, how to help an organization manage change, how to attract, retain and develop the best talent, how to measure performance of their employees, how to structure compensation and incentive systems and so on. Using their HR knowledge and expertise, the HR consultants advise the management on recruitment, legal and people issues. In short, they are responsible for advising organisations in recruitment, development and retention of employees in the organisation.

The HR consulting field in India is has a range of different types of players – including specialist HR consulting firms, HR consulting arms of the Strategy and Big4 consulting firms, and a large variety of niche firms started by HR professionals who have spent a career as HR leaders in large and reputed organisations.

Indus Guru Human Resource consultants are your solutions expert in consulting services.

Indus Guru Human Resource consultants help leading organizations in india confront complex business challenges head-on. Our experts provide solutions for organizations in:

Meet HR Consultants at Indusguru

Human resource Consultant and Practitioner having 25+ years of experience

Our Senior Human resource consultant has unique cobmination of business consultancy and Line Human resource management experience accorss various industry sectors.

Seasoned Human resource and Finance consultant with 32+ years of experience in consumer goods industry

He brings deep experience in Finance, Human resource, Strategic planning, business development, and product supply across various sectors.

Health and Benefits

We help health benefit plan sponsors better manage spend, maintain the integrity of their core offerings, meet the needs of their varied employee populations and manage the plan’s impact on business performance and financial results.

Worldwide Benefits

With the biggest, completely owned workplaces, we facilitate and send genuinely worldwide advantage bundles that drive brought together advantages proficiency and locally deal with the key strategic issues that effect territorial advantage plan.


Our retirement human resource consultants and actuaries adjust the potential and dangers of retirement advantage programs; oversee unfriendly results through money related, guardian, and operational hazard administration; and better empower bosses to enable their workforce to get ready for retirement.

Investment Consulting

We offer investment exhortation to deal with the cost, hazard, administration, and trustee operations of qualified retirement programs on a consultative, optional or progressing administration premise.


We enable customers to adjust representative and shareholder premiums, accomplish business goals, and draw in and hold key workers utilizing market pay and official reward techniques.

Efficiency and Organization

We offer ability arrangements that assistance you deal with the enlistment, determination, engagement and capability of basic ability, administrators and cutting edge pioneers while limiting the maintenance and consistence danger of a worldwide workforce.


We utilize a demonstrated vital arranging procedure and honor winning correspondence configuration to draw in, instruct and engage focused on groups of onlookers to take the activities and change the practices that will profit them as people and enhance hierarchical profitability.

Mergers and Acquisitions Solutions

Our specialists advise organizations experiencing a corporate move to viably evaluate and structure administration groups, address hierarchical and workforce adequacy and advance human resource program move, viability and effect.

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