Finance Consultants

Why do organisations need a Finance Consultant?

A Financial Consultants will help with planning the financial future of a company by providing information and guidance on topics that include Financial budgeting and planning, Enterprise Performance Management, Capital Management including long term loans & bridge loans, taxes, investment allocation, insurance, currency risks and hedging, Business Plan creation, GST, Corporate Governance, Financial Modelling and Valuation, Legal and Tax, Risk Management and Mergers and Acquisitions. The Finance Consultant can also provide services of an outsourced / interim CFO to small and medium enterprises.

Benefits of Hiring an Independent Financial Consultant
There are a lot of advantages of outsourcing our financial consulting services including:
● By outsourcing your financial consulting needs, you save up on the cost of hiring a permanent employee and the other added costs that come with it including salaries, bonuses, benefits, and so on.
● You would also save on costs involved in hiring and training of new members, layoff costs, provision of adequate cover in busy periods, and so on.
● You get access to industry standard practices, benchmarks and tools which you would otherwise would not be able to afford if you are a relatively small business.
● A trusted outsource Finance consultant can provide you with plans for either increasing the scale of your business while optimising cashflows and financing costs

Finance Consultants from IndusGuru
IndusGuru Finance consulting solutions are provided by seasoned Finance professionals who have a strong and proven track record in Industry or Consulting. The range of services they provide includes:
● Support in execution of Finance operations
● Operational advise on enhance effectiveness of the Finance function
● Strategic advise and support on raising capital, complying with regulations and taking smart financial decisions

The sub-domains of expertise covered by our Independent Finance Consultants include:
● Accounting
● Acquisition and Divestment
● Cost Reduction
● Financial Modeling and Valuation
● Fund Raising
● Legal and Tax
● Risk Management
● SOP and Audit

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