Financial Consulting Services And Financial Consultants In India

Financial consulting has been a major requirement of an organization whether it’s small or big. In today’s competitive world, organizations are needed to have solid, effective business plans and ideas to stay ahead in the race. For this, they hire experienced financial consultants with knowledge on current businesses. Experts in this arena manage finance related activities of a company and help in getting business-friendly opportunities.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractual Financial Consultant

There are a lot of advantages of outsourcing our financial services including:
  • By outsourcing your financial consulting needs, you save up on the cost of hiring a permanent employee and the other added costs that come with it including salaries, bonuses, benefits, and so on.
  • You would also save up on costs involved in hiring and training of new members, layoff costs, provision of adequate cover in busy periods, and so on.
  • Outsourcing your operations provides you an access to the top tools and expensive accounting software which you would otherwise would not be able to afford if you are a relatively small business.
  • A trusted outsource consultant can provide you with plans for either increasing the scale of your business or making cutbacks on some expenses.

Financial Consultants by IndusGuru – India and its services

India is a land of business opportunities, but they need an experienced individual to understand and avail them. IndusGuru is a business expert company that has all kinds of business solutions. Being one of the Financial Consultants India, the company offers various kinds of financial consulting-related services to business clients. These services are: Finance strategies, finance process improvement, finance business partnering, finance performance management and various others. The company works to ensure that its business clients are getting the best and helpful advises and ideas to solve their financial problems. IndusGuru has expert financial consultants who know what could be best financial strategy for an organization.

The financial counseling administrations are the leader of the various administrations identified with funding, banking, insurance and retail managements. This industry investigates the various monetary exercises and tries to deal with the hazard that can be experienced inside the financial division. From saving money and protection to riches administration and securities dissemination, Indus Guru has devoted financial consultants groups serving every single significant region of the financial administrations industry. Our work draws on over 40 years of involvement in the field and the ability of IndusGuru financial experts in the India’s most essential financial focuses.

IndusGuru draws on profound experience crosswise over ventures to help financial administrations organizations in each area find imaginative approaches to streamline forms, diminish back office costs, adjust IT, oversee dangers, capture the economic benefits of building loyal customers, and plan for developing focused and administrative hubs.

We work with leading organizations in the finance, banking and insurance segments, including:

  • Retail banks
  • Private banking
  • Wealth management
  • Customers and capital markets business
  • Exchange and transaction banking / fund raising
  • Asset management
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Risk management and liquidity
  • Securities exchanges
  • Capital management

Indus Guru has profound skill in financial administrations, yet we likewise look past the business and draw upon our abilities encounter. We tailor these offerings to the necessities of our financial management clients and consultants to help them tackle issues or seek after circumstances in numerous regions, including:

  • Development system
  • Hierarchical adequacy
  • Operational brilliance
  • Consistence
  • IT / Infotech
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Change management
  • Private equity shares
  • Performance growth
  • Client experience
  • Customer loyalty programs
Why Should Your Company Need A Financial Consultant?

Financial Consultants are employed to ensure that the financial health of the company remains robust. A Financial Consultants will help with planning the financial future of a company by providing information and guidance on topics that include financial budgeting and planning, enterprise performance management, capital management including long term loans & bridge loans, taxes, investment allocation, insurance, currency risks and hedging.

A fast growing field is the area of financial and enterprise risk management, that focuses on identifying, managing and mitigating all the risks that face a modern organization. It is essential that Financial Consultants be conversant with laws of other countries where the company does business.
Another emerging area is around helping organisations build a strong Finance function, including designing shared service organisations as well as advise companies around outsourcing opportunities.
Financial consulting is a field dominated by the Big 4 accounting firms, who possess a range of financial expertise to meet any or all of the needs indicated above.There are also more niche firms and a growing breed of specialist firms who provide “CFO advisory” services.

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