Business Consultants

1. The growth of the consulting industry in India

Business Consulting is one of the fastest growing services nowadays, where companies want to hire experts and business consultants to bring a fresh perspective to overcome the challenges and achieve their goals. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Indian consulting industry was expected to record revenues of Rs. 27,000 crore by 2020. and is growing by the compounded annual growth rate of 30 percent.

2. Why do organisations need Business Consultants?

Business Consultants can help organisations with new strategies to grow and achieve growth. They provide management consultancy to help organizations to analyze the business from an experts lens and help organisations to work on improvement opportunity areas, by providing relevant and implementable solutions. The ways in which a Business Consultant can be useful to any organisation is:

● Scoping new opportunities and strategies to grow.
● Diagnosing the issues and challenges faced by organisations
● Performance improvement.
● Bring innovation is products and processes
● Extended hand to your existing staff
● Initiating and managing Change
● Teaching and Training employees

3. Independent Business Consulting – a real alternative to the big consulting firms

The consultants doing the majority of the client work, at the big consulting firms, are usually freshly minted MBAs out of college who have little-to-no real business experience. They might be talented, but not specialists or experts in a particular domain. Because becoming an expert takes time. The director/partner also associated with a particular project is unlikely to be a subject matter expert. Also, engaging a big consulting firm comes at a huge price, which becomes practically unsustainable or un-affordable to many organisations.

Whereas Independent Business Consultants are people who have been in the Industry for decades and are backed by their experience in a particular industry or a particular domain. They can be retired CXO’s from your competitors and can add great value through their pointed expertise. The Independent Business Consultants charge on the basis of Projects, Hours of work provided or on a Monthly retainer fee, which is more affordable for a growing organisation.

4. Business Consultants from IndusGuru

IndusGuru is a leading Online Curated Business Network, to identify and engage business consultants and business experts to help enhance your organisation’s growth and performance. We have a high-touch, client-centric business model, designed to hand-hold clients through their growth journeys Each of our expert consultants are empaneled only by invitation or referral and after confirming their track record through client endorsements. Our business consultant pool has an average experience of 22+ years and typically comes with qualifications from premier institutions and blue-chip companies and consulting organisations.

Business Consultants come across six domain areas:

Strategy Consultants
Finance Consultants
Operations Consultants
Marketing Consultants
Organisation and Human Resources Consultants
Digital and IT Consultants

We help organizations find the best-fit business consultant, for their critical short-term assignments and projects, and facilitate the process of selection and engagement.

5. What our Business Consultants say about us?

Highly Professional and Transparent

I am very happy to be associated with IndusGuru and they are very professional in their approach. What I found more important was that they were very open and transparent in their engagement with us and highly engaged. They followed up on progress an…
– Prashant Karmalkar [ Business Consultants India]

An Ideal Business Partner

An ideal partner for consultants to find opportunities that match their capabilities, IndusGuru is exactly what the consulting services industry needs. The ability to bring a broader understanding of the client’s brief and the consultant’s capabiliti…
– Rajesh Dhar [ Business Consultants India ]

Excellent Job!!!

IndusGuru does an excellent job of generating challenging consulting project leads and then connecting back to the right profile of consultants. The project brief is specific and concise to enable consultants to assess the opportunity without spen…
– Ruchira Roy [ Business Consultants India ]