Marketing Consultants

Who is a Marketing Consultant?

Marketing consultants help companies develop unique marketing strategies to meet their business objectives. They provide inputs to develop the right marketing strategy covering the 4P’s of marketing – namely Product (how to develop the product or service value proposition for the customer, how to brand), Price (how to price and position the product vs competition), Place (what channels to use to reach the customer) and Promotion (how to promote and advertise the product).

Marketing consultants help companies identify various marketing scenarios and provide inputs to choose the right marketing strategy covering branding, promotion and advertising. The Marketing Consultants are typically required to implement strategic marketing campaigns covering launch of a new product or even a complete overhaul of the existing marketing strategy.

All of this requires a strong understanding of the customer, and knowledge of techniques such as data analytics to segment and target the customer and define the customer experience. This is a domain which is being transformed with new Digital technologies into creating unique customer experiences.

Digital Marketing is the hot new field, as companies seek to reach more and more of their consumers online – either to promote their product, engage their consumer through social media or sell their product or service through e-commerce or mobile commerce platforms. DIgital Marketing covers domains of expertise like:

● Pay per Click Advertising eg. GoogleAdwords
● Social Media Marketing
● Search Engine Optimisation
● Customer-targeted campaigns

When does an Organisation need to hire a Marketing Consultant?

A small and medium enterprise with no marketing staff and MNCs or large organisations with a dedicated marketing department can get support from Marketing Consultants. Hiring a marketing consultant can:

● Help review at the Marketing Strategy with a fresh perspective
● Understand changes in market trends and consumer behaviour, view
● Provide market knowledge and knowledge of industry best practices
● Target and develop new channels to reach the customer

Hire the best Sales and Marketing Consultants in India from IndusGuru

IndusGuru is an online platform where you can find and hire the best Sales and Marketing Consultants. Our Sales and Marketing Consultants have in depth Industry expertise and have experience in specific domains which can help SME’s, Large Corporates, MNC’s and Consulting Firms manage the specific requirements they have to build and manage best in class Sales and Marketing. The various sub-domains of Expertise that our Operations Consultants provide cover the following:

● Brand Strategy
● Business Development
● Digital Marketing Strategy
● Distributor / Dealer Strategy
● Market Research
● Marketing and Brand Management
● New Market Entry
● New Product Development
● PR & Media
● Sales Effectiveness
● Sales Strategy

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