Our Value Proposition

For Client Organisations

Best-Fit Expertise

  • Assisted range of experienced business experts and consultants to choose from
  • Premier academic qualifications and work-experience
  • Client references and feedback

Service @Speed

  • 24-48 hour response time to your project brief
  • Hand-holding for all steps until start of project
  • Standard terms for contracting and engagement

Optimized Costs

  • Competitiveness, built into the selection process
  • Significantly lower price points compared to large consulting firms

For Business Experts and Consultants

Access to a wide range of interesting assignments

  • Get visibility to projects with businesses across India
  • Pitch for projects, when clients need them; optimise BD time and cost

Enhanced Productivity

  • Spend more time in client chargeable work, enhance your income potential
  • Simple and convenient contracting through standard terms

Professional Development

  • Opportunity to work with diverse organisations including large corporates, SMEs & non-profits
  • Platform to network with peers for learning and experience sharing