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Client : Association for finance consultants Live Opportunity

Project Objective : The client needs techno finance training. Areas to be covered Robotocis, NLG, AI and ML and Data Analytics

Project description : Trainers needed for various courses - 1. Technology - AI & ML (Used cases in finance & accounting) Scope- Success stories of AI & ML being utilized in the following processes - Period End Close - Reconciliation & Substantiation - Financial, Regulatory & Management Reporting - Liquidity Management - Product Control - Application Mainta...

Client : SME manufacturer of solar products Live Opportunity

Project Objective : To increase the distribution and sales of the solar products pan-India

Project description : The client is a manufacturer of solar products such as torches, fans, coolers, bulbs, solar panels, etc, and has an existing distributor network. A consultant is required to grow the distributor network further and enhance the sales strategy of the client. The consultant should have substantial exposure to the solar power industry and provide strat...

Client : A food & beverage start-up in Mumbai Live Opportunity

Project Objective : The client needs legal advise on various agreements that needs to be drafted for a cafe start-up in Mumbai

Project description : Legal advise and help in drafting of agreements is required on - 1. Agreement between proprietor and investors 2. Leave and License agreement 3. Agreement between proprietor and any vendor for a shelf space in the cafe 4. Franchise Agreement

Client : Supply chain consulting firm for the shipping industry Live Opportunity

Project Objective : Train the internal staff on operational processes of Ocean Operations

Project description : The client, a provider of technology solutions and consultancy services to the shipping industry, is looking at engaging a consultant on full-time or part-time basis to provide operational training to its internal junior staff. The consultant is expected to have fair knowledge of the process flows of Ocean Operations, and will be required to train ...

Client : A large consulting firm with a global presence Live Opportunity

Project Objective : The client needs a data architect experienced consultant who has a good hold on data models and their interactions between various systems.

Project description : Scope of responsibilities include - 1. Define conceptual, logical, and physical data models that defines an enterprise based best practice of data interactions between various systems including ERPs 2. Provide leadership and guidance with enterprise data strategies; revising data dictionary definitions, governance practices, and standards 3. Pa...

Client : A large consulting firm with a global presence Live Opportunity

Project Objective : The client needs a consultant who has had experience as a solution architect with good communication skills. He or she should be able to define solutions and integrate with the existing applications and platforms.

Project description : Scope of responsibilities cover - 1. Responsible for defining the architectural design, development, and deployment strategy for Products/Solutions development 2. Define system solutions based on functional need, cost, and required integration with existing applications, systems, or platforms. 3. Research, identify, selects, and tests techno...

Client : An Agro chemical subsidiary of an Indian Conglomerate Live Opportunity

Project Objective : Digital Initiative Head who would drive the Digital Marketing strategies

Project description : The client would like to have a full time Digital Marketing Head . The client is a market leader in Agro chemicals. The Digital Marketing head would report to the board. The expert should have an understanding of the Agro Chemicals Industry, distributors and farmers. The role requires that the consultant devise the Digital Strategy for the client...

Client : A large conglomerate with global presence Live Opportunity

Project Objective : Support total rewards community of excellence globally to ensure superlative employees experience

Project description : An HR expert with 6 years of experience in Compensation & Benefits is required for a contract period by a large conglomerate with global presence.The consultant will be required to be placed in Mumbai for the 6 months of contract. He/she should have at least 3 years in a similar role within a corporate; large conglomerates, organizations. Exposure ...

Client : A company into service industry into designing and execution of architecture Live Opportunity

Project Objective : The company has 120+ employees across their offices. They need a HR consultant who can offer expertise on HR policies and processes, Emloyee engagement, Training programs and Appraisals

Project description : HR solutions required for - 1. HR policies & processes - from recruitment to execution including orientation, employee retention 2. Employee engagement 3. Training programs - on topics which are general, project management and service related 4. Appraisal structure and policies

Client : A global company in Testing , Inspection and Certification Live Opportunity

Project Objective : IT Strategy and Digital transformation road-map for large engagements in Digital Technologies for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) IOT, Robotics, Cloud Technologies, and Mobility

Project description : JD is attached in the mail. The client provides services in compliance with regulations and standards for challenges of quality ,safety etc

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